Andrii Derkach
Member of
Ukrainian Parliament
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Non-fiction works

    Sufficient isolationism
    The book is dedicated to the geopolitical problems of the XXI century, as well as the most poignant issues of Ukraine’s foreign policy. It provides an examination of such controversial issues as the neutral status, the creation of continental “stability axis”, the process of European integration.
    Hlukhiv: The capital of hetmans
    The detailed study of the glorious history of a small, yet extraordinary city, which used to be a Cossack Capital, – Gluhov. The book specifically focuses on the XVIII century period, when Gluhov had become the Capital of the Left-Bank Ukraine thrice. The book also provides the biographies of the Hetmans of that time.
    Ukraine and Russia: A challenge of friendship
    The book provides a detailed analysis of the history of the Ukrainian-Russian relationship at the first stage of development of both states from 1991 till 1997. The question of creating and maintaining the partnership between Ukraine and Russia and their strengthening in the globalized world is specifically emphasized.