The nation’s development is determined by its cultural level. Ukraine will never be side-by-side with other European countries, where she belongs, without the protection and support of its cultural traditions, without their proper representation as a part of world culture. We have made the support and revival of culture a priority.

Owing to the support of Andrii Derkach Foundation, an art and crafts festival “Ryshnyky of Krolevets” is annually held in Krolevets, where world-famous rushnyky (traditional embroidered cloth) originated. The organisers know what a complicated task it is, to prepare such an event without “external” support. I thank Andrii Derkach from the bottom of my heart for his help.

— Natalya Sira, the head of the Department of culture of Krolevets district state administration

It took more than a year for the authors of the book “Hlukhiv: Enduring the Hardship of the Great Patriotic War ” to put the materials together. They turned to Andrii Derkach in search of funding for the book. The President of “Our Future” Foundation Andrii Derkach got the book published. It was presented to general public on the 8th of May 2012. The Foundation supports local authors. For instance, in 1999 “The Memory of a Child`s Heart”, a book by former young partisan fighter Anatolii Holub was published, a colourful photo album of Hlukhiv. Furthermore, the book “Hlukhiv: the Capital of Hetmans” penned by Andrii Derkach himself, has become a rare bibliographical object as well as a must-read for any History teacher.

Extracurricular activities, school clubs, talent development under the guidance of the teachers − these are the first queastions Andrii Derkach asks during a visit to any town or village in the Sumy region.This is the priority agenda for school № 2 in Seredyna-Buda.

More projects were brought to life supported by “Our Future” Foundation:

  • Assistance in organisation of a charity concert featuring Russian and Ukrainian pop stars to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Small Comic Theatre.
  • Purchase of literary prose and poetry by Ukrainian authors, children`s and popular science books for libraries in Borodyanski district, Kiev region.
  • Organisation of a charity concert “Pamyat” (Memory). Main performer − Ihor Osipenko, accordionist-virtuoso, winner of international contests and competitions, Honoured Artist of Ukraine.
  • Assistance in building a monument to Vyacheslav Chornovil in Zolochiv, Lviv region.
  • Assistance in publishing of the book “Draft Language Bills in Ukraine – an analysis by experts”.
  • Assistance in refurbishment of a local community centre in Putyvl district of Sumy region.

Reviving spirituality

The revival of orthodox values and the restoration of churches is one of chief missions of “Our Future” Foundation. According to the President of the Foundation, Andrii Derkach, reviving any district is impossible, if there is no church and spirituality in general. Revival in the literal sense of this word occurs no sooner than a man starts his own mental revival and the society demonstrates the first signs of spirituality.

For almost four centuries the Nativity of the Theotokos Stavropegial Monastery “The Glinsk Hermitage” has been one of the major orthodox spiritual centres in Ukraine. Many hierarchs of the Orthodox Church considered the Glinsk Hermitage “the Christ`s School”. However, after a few decades the situation in the Orthodox Church became critical, with the lack of funds to renovate the existing churches, let alone build new ones.

Nevertheless, a time has come and for the “Glinsk Hermitage” to meet its Guardian Angel − “Our Future” Foundation, headed by Andrii Derkach.

A magnificent new church was built, named after the Iveron Icon of the Theotokos. The revival of the “Glinsk Hermitage” is underway, and the Foundation does its best to ensure the continuity of the process.

The Foundation constantly supports the Monastery, not only financially. Owing to the Foundation several buildings were renovated, including the living quarters and the refectory. A laundry and a chapel have been built, and also a well at the site of the healing spring.

Several years in a row the Foundation has been helping the Monastery to purchase coal for heating purposes.The Foundation is planning to assist the “Glinsk Hermitage” in the construction of accommodation facilities for pilgrims, whose numbers are steadily increasing.

Andrii Derkach understands that sound families and communities can be built only on the foundation of eternal Christian values that give hope to the tormented souls. His help is very much appreciated by the Church. The priests told me that they were elated when in 1998 Mr. Derkach donated church ware and religious books to the churches of Hlukhiv and the Molchen convent. At the time, these items were extremely hard to obtain. Each district of our diocese has heard about Mr. Derkach: in 2000 he facilitated the building of a wonderful bell tower of the Transfiguration Church of Our Saviour in Krolevets, in 2001 — the Transfiguration Church of Our Saviour in Yampil.”

— Archbishop Luka of Zaporizhia and Melitopol, who headed the Konotop-Hlukhiv diocese in 2008-2010

Our convent also feels the care of Andrii Derkach. May the Lord give him strength!”

— Abbess Feodosiya, the Mother Superior of the Molchen convent

However, the revival of the “Glinsk Hermitage” is just the beginning of the Way to church. Today the Foundation supports many other churches of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC) and religious organisations:

  • assistance in completing the construction of the Church of All Pechersk Saints (the ‘Warm’ Church) and organisation of the Easter Cross Procession (The Holy Dormition Kiev-Pechersk Lavra);
  • assistance in the restoration of the Transfiguration Cathedral of Our Saviour, destroyed during the Russian Civil War, in Yampil (Sumy region). The first service in the renovated cathedral was held by the Head of UOC Vladimir, Metropolitan of Kiev and all Ukraine;
  • assistance in construction of the Church of St. Nicholas and living quarters in the Pokrovsky Convent (Rivne);
  • funding the construction of the gate bell tower in the Transfiguration Church of Our Saviour in Krolevets;
  • assistance in the final stage of construction of the cathedral in Ternopil diocese of the UOC;
  • funding of the renovation and restoration of the churches and buildings of the Holy Dormition Pochayiv Lavra;
  • assistance in organisation of an orthodox youth camp in Zhytomyr and Hust dioceses of the UOC;
  • funding the creation of mosaic icons for the decoration of the frontispiece of the grade-listed Trinity Church of Monastery of St. Jonas, built in the 19th century.
  • assistance in celebration of the 10th anniversary of Kharkiv Council of the UOC (The Holy Dormition Kiev-Pechersk Lavra);

Reviving spirituality means more than building churches. Above all, it encompasses missionary work and educational activities. In this sphere the Foundation has been actively collaborating with the Youth Department of the UOC and Youth orthodox brotherhood “Ukrainian Youth Orthodox Union to the glory of Venerable Nestor the Chronicler”.

The following events were organised and supported by the Foundation and the abovementioned organisations:

  • The First All-Ukrainian Congress of the Orthodox Youth;
  • Festivities during the Days of the Slavic alphabet and culture, in memory of Saints Cyril and Methodius;
  • All-Ukrainian youth patriotic event “The duty to remember”.

For two years the Foundation has been the main sponsor and organiser of the Christmas show “The Christmas vertep” for orphans and children from low-income families under the patronage of His Beatitude Vladimir, Metropolitan of Kiev and all Ukraine.

The history of our land testifies to the role of the Orthodox Church in the creation of a healthy and unified society. Therefore, in an era of the ever-increasing significance of mass media, the Church not only can, but must assume the positions in accordance with its mission.

Deep understanding of these issues urged the Foundation to take action in this direction.

The “Our Future” Foundation co-founded the First All-Ukrainian TV and Radio Programmes Festival “Pokrov”. Blessed by the Head of UOC His Beatitude Vladimir, Metropolitan of Kiev and all Ukraine, the Festival took place on the grace-filled premises of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. Andrii Derkach became the President of the festival.

For a long time the Foundation has been financing the production of religious programmes “The Orthodox World” and “The Orthodox Calendar”, broadcasted by media company “TRK Era”.