Another priority for “Our Future” Foundation is the support for education. The President of “Our Future” Foundation Andrii Derkach has his own understanding of education. “Yes, in a way education means knowledge transfer between the generations,” he says. “However, neither formulas, nor grammar rules are crucial. It is the moral application of knowledge that matters. From kindergarten to university, teachers must educate, first of all, compassionate, generous people who would always give a hand to each other.”

That is why the general needs of educational institutions will always remain a priority for the Foundation. Its activities cover public kindergartens, primary schools, universities, as well as schools for children from low-income families, disabled children and orphans. All these institutions deserve attention, especially nowadays, in the hard times of complete indifference and budget cuts.

The headmaster of Shalygin school for children with special needs Tamara Slukina recalls: “Children needed virtually everything, from copybooks to clothes. Mr. Derkach donated shoes, bed linen, provisions. During each visit he brought presents: a TV set, a VHS recorder, cartoons and sweet treats. The children rejoiced. I know that Putyvl boarding school gets similar help, too. Our children have been receiving presents from him for 15 years in a row.”

Disabled children and orphans vividly remember their trip to Kiev during Christmas. A real fairytale awaited them at the National Opera of Ukraine, a charity Christmas show from His Beatitude Vladimir, Metropolitan of Kiev and all Ukraine, Head of Ukrainian Orthodox Church. “Our Future” Foundation, headed by MP Andrii Derkach, funded the trip, and has been organising simiar trips for 15 years.

During a visit to a school, the President of the Foundation Andrii Derkach asks to show him the refectory, sports equipment, boiler room.

He is the first honoured guest in our school who had a look at problematic sites and inquired about our dire needs.”

— Valeriy Hryva, headmaster of a school in Znob-Novhorod

In terms of education “Our Future” Foundation implemented the following charity projects:

  • the purchase of modern computer labs for schools in Hlukhiv, Putyvl, Krolevets districts of Sumy region, schools № 11, 20, 21 in Pavlograd (Dnipropetrovsk region), Borodyansk district department of education for Druzhkivska and Mykhailivska schools in Kiev region;
  • purchase of repair materials for Shalygin school for children with special needs in Hlukhiv district, Putyvl boarding school in Sumy region, Musiikiv school in Ivankiv district of Kiev region;
  • stationery, books, copybooks, books for libraries in various cities and districts of Sumy, Dnipropetrovsk, Kiev regions etc;
  • transfer of humanitarian aid — clothes, shoes, provisions, New Year presents (vocational School №25 in Hlukhiv city, Ivankiv district of Kiev region, Yampil department of education, Seredyna-Buda, Glukhiv, Putyvl, Krolevets and Yampil district state administrations).

When we came up with the idea of creating a cadet class, we faced a wide range of problems. A graduate of military academy, Andrii Derkach became our wise friend and mentor. He personally came to greet the cadets at the beginning of the school year, participated in the solemnities, heard the cadets swear an oath. I think our cadet class will establish a new tradition in Hlukhiv education.”

— Iryna Kalinovska, headmistress of public school №6

“Our Future” Foundation donated the Svessa lyceum a real planetarium. “We were over the moon. Now even pupils from other districts come to attend our tours.”

— Astronomy teacher Larysa Alekhina

Higher education is also one of the priorities of the Foundation. It took years of staff efforts and the support of influential countrymen to turn a provincial teacher`s college into a modern university. Over the years we have developed a systematic approach to cooperation with the MP. Mr. Derkach understands that competition with the universities of the capital is tough. But we have our own school of thought, our advantages. He was one of the first people to fully support the idea of giving us the status of National University. And there`s more to it. For example, our Linguistics students are working in the language lab, donated by Andrii Derkach.”

— Oleksandr Kurok, rector of Oleksandr Dovzhenko Hlukhiv National Paedagogical University