The state of natural environment in Ukraine is constantly scrutinized by “Our Future” Foundation.

Environmental deterioration is one of the grave problems of modernity. Green spaces shrink, the air gets polluted, rivers become murky and shallow. The world is trying to combat the pollution, however, for the time being, the world is losing this war.

We are deeply convinced that the government must make safe environment its priority, e.g. ensure the supply of pure drinking water, household waste disposal, toxic industrial waste disposal and nuclear radiation safety. The environmental solutions of the Foundation formed the basis of a range of MP Andrii Derkach’s draft bills, designed to improve this sphere and enhance the public control over the state environmental policy.

It is common knowledge that nuclear power industry is a hazardous branch of economy. At the same time, an undisrupted supply of the ‘nuclear electricity’ (comprising approximately 50% of total electricity generation in the country) is vital for Ukraine`s economy. For this reason Andrii Derkach, not only as a state official, but also as a citizen, feels the obligation to make every possible effort to stop an extremely dangerous practice of systematic non-compliance with the decisions on modernisation and reactor safety improvement for nuclear power plants in Ukraine.

In august 2003 Pechersk district court in Kiev allowed the appeal against inaction of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in terms of providing state nuclear radiation safety. Recognising these actions are extreme measures, Andrii Derkach is nevertheless positive that the current circumstances call for them. For instance, when the Government, as well as the responsible for the “nuclear problem” institutions are not efficient, whilst independent public control has been abolished as a result of dishonest intrigues of the “nuclear lobby”, the Court, Parliament, local authorities and democratic mass media, as well as the general public must take a stand on the issue.

In 2010 a town of Seredyna-Buda was in the spotlight, illustrating the grave consequences of outdated pesticides. A run-down warehouse, with more than 100 tons of hazardous chemicals, caught fire. Securing the government`s funding for re-packaging was not a piece of cake, but the President of “Our Future” Foundation Andrii Derkach succeeded. Cooperation with the regional authorities proved fruitful: Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources allocated 35.5 million hryvnias for the disposal of all outdated hazardous chemicals in Sumy region.

One of the city problems is a waste accumulation site, that has long exceeded its capacity and is now an unpleasant source of acrid smoke. This long-standing problem was solved owing to the President of “Our Future” Foundation Andrii Derkach, an Honorary Freeman of Hlukhiv, who promoted the allocation of 4.7 million hryvnias to construct a new solid waste landfill. MP Andrii Derkach has been helping local communities to put in plumbing in order that people have clean water at their disposal”.

— Yurii Burlaka, head of Hlukhiv

Our kindergarten was one of the first to receive tables and chairs in accordance with “Furniture for Childen” programme, initiated by MP Andrii Derkach. The fact that children are using environmentally friendly wooden furniture is an enormous advantage. Children have the right to be taken care of”.

— head of the “Kazka” kindergarten in Znob- Novhorodske village of Seredyna-Buda district

Andrii Derkach introduced a marvellous initiative “The School Orchard”, that has been held in the region for two years in a row. The idea is to create an orchard for each school and kindergarten. The children would tend to it and rejoice over the crop. We found out about the initiative on the eve of the 140th anniversary of our school and decided to plant our own orchard. The President of “Our Future” Foundation provided the plants, whilst the teachers and pupils planted the trees side by side. The orchard united us!”

— Natalya Stenko, a graduate of Nekrasov school in Hlukhiv region