Supporting healthcare, as one of the essential spheres, has been one of the priorities of the Foundation. It included financial aid to healthcare facilities in various regions of Ukraine, as well as purchase of medicines, medical equipment and medical instruments.

For instance, Stavishchansk central district hospital received donations to purchase a sterilizer, an automatic analyzer, an ultrasonic imaging system, a colposcope as well as an off-road vehicle. National Cancer Institute has received “Promin”, an apparatus for laser surgery with digital recording system.

Institute of Paediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynaecology of National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine (Kiev) was provided with the funding to purchase the following items, mainly for intensive care units in paediatric clinics:

  • medical equipment and apparatuses – a gas analyser, an electrolyte analyser, a hematology analyser, a heart rate monitor, a neonatal intensive care unit, a telescope, a photocopier, electronic scales and other equipment, including the expendables;
  • various medical instruments;

Clinical Hospital “Feofaniya” was given the means to purchase technical facilities that provide water supply to the hospital – a submersible pump, pump control station, a supply of pipes.

Central district hospitals in different regions have been aided to purchase medicines, expendables for diagnostic equipment, child incubators (hospitals in Yampil, Krolevets, Hlukhiv districts of Sumy region and Yuriiv district of Dnipropetrovsk region), ambulance vehicles (hospitals in Yampil and Putyvl districts of Sumy regions) etc. The Foundation sponsored recreational trips to the Carpathians and Kiev ecological centre, targeting children from different regions.

The Foundation also helped to publish medical literature.

“Our Future” Foundation has been of much help to individuals, by enabling them to undergo special treatment or surgery in central hospitals of Kiev, Moscow, Kharkiv, Regensburg (Germany), as well as funding the purchase of medicines and various medical apparatuses. For instance, hearing aids were bought, assistance in complex heart surgeries in Amosov National Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery, as well as in cataract treatment at the Centre for Eye Microsurgery was provided.

In 2016, the Fund “Our Future” launched two major health programs in Sumy region called “Mammologist” and “Children’s orthopedist”.

The “Mammologist” program is designed to detect and prevent cancer women’s diseases. Within the framework of the program the search of doctors, who took part in it on free of charge (charitable) basis, has been conducted. Thus, only for the first three months of the program we have managed to hold free preventive appointments for 747 women giving them relevant recommendations.

Moreover, round tables for doctors, media representatives and women in Yampil, Hluhiv, Krolevets, Putivl, Seredyno-Buda have been organized.

The “Children’s orthopedist” program is carried out to identify and prevent orthopedic diseases in school-age children. Under the program, professional doctors have carried out free of charge preventive examinations for more than 5.5 thousand children from Hluhiv, Seredyno-Buda and Putivl districts of Sumy region, issuing recommendations for their parents.

In addition, foot massagers have been bought and given free of charge to children who need exercises with such massager. Moreover, within the framework of the program a round table for parents and media representatives has been organized to inform on the importance of a healthy lifestyle and prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Over the last 15 years “Our Future” Foundation, headed by Andrii Derkach, ensured that 278 children were screened in the leading hospitals, had surgeries and recovered.

First hand accounts

When my granddaughter, Sonya, was only six years old, she was constantly complaining that her heart ached. After a dozen of examinations a terrible diagnosis has been announced — Valvular heart disease. Sonya needed an expensive surgery, and time was running out. For three years we have been contacting every possible institution, asking for help … Our friends suggested turning to advice surgery of MP Andrii Derkach in Hlukhiv. Only with the help of Mr. Derkach the day of the surgery in “Okhmatdet” paediatric clinic was set. Today our Sonya is a healthy and happy child.

— Antonina Milka

You can`t imagine, what a pain the past 18 years have been! I had a congenital fourth-degree scoliosis. Since the age of 6 I spent most of my time in hospitals. My back was skewed, my prominent shoulder blade protruding like a hump, whilst the ribs were piercing my lungs. I just couldn`t lie down normally, couldn`t get enough sleep for months. It was scary and painful. All the doctors denied any chance of survival. Twice they sent me to Cuba, but with little success. My last hope was the letter I wrote to advice surgery of MP Andrii Derkach in Hlukhiv. And it worked. Thanks to the attention and efforts of Andrii Derkach, I had two surgeries in “Okhmatdet”. Now I can sit, I can lie down like a human being. Andrii Derkach gave me a life.

— Oleksandra Bagalai

Our son, Yegorka, was deaf from birth. No hearing aid could help him, no matter how many we tried. After Mr. Derkach helped us to buy an expensive foreign hearing aid, our little son is gradually beginning to hear sounds. I can`t imagine what would have happened to my child if it wasn`t for the mercy of this man. May God bless him with health!

— Alla Kukochka

My son and I are deeply grateful to our most devoted MP Andrii Derkach for help and understanding. Misha has a rare congenital disorder — Osteogenesis imperfecta (Durante`s disease). Increased bone fragility means that even the slightest punch or fall results in bone fracture. In thirteen years he`s had quite a few, you know! That`s why now Misha has pins in both legs. He walked on crunches for a long time, missing school. The only way out for our “fragile” boy was an expensive injection. However, it cost a lot and eventually we ran out of money. But son needs treatment. As a last resort, we voiced our grief in the advice surgery of Andrii Derkach in Putyvl. Thanks to Mr. Derkach we purchased the medication for Misha, so that he can be up and about for the next six months.

— Olena Tsyganok