Supporting veterans is especially important for “Our Future” Foundation. They saved Ukraine, so it is our duty to lend them a hand today.

Given the complexities of current situation, war veterans and former partisans of war have no opportunities to organise meetings and commemoration gatherings without external financial help and management.

Victory Day is probably the only occasion for the veterans to wear their military decorations and raise a glass with the fellow-fighters to the memory of the deceased.

From the very first day the Foundation maximises its effort, in terms of funding and organisation, to ensure that the veterans can celebrate the Victory Day with due arrangements, which includes:

  • traditional food rations for the veterans, memorable gifts, financial aid;
  • funding veterans organisations to purchase medicine, prostheses, hearing aids for disabled veterans.

Over the last fifteen years the veterans have been annually receiving presents for the Victory Day from the member of Parliament Andrii Derkach. Many hearing aids, rare medicines, prostheses have been delivered; we also helped with medical treatment or flat refurbishment. This is heartwarming, but the crucial point here is that everything is done sincerely, regardless of the elections, the political situation or other factors. This is the stance of grateful descendants. For this reason every year on the Victory Day, the Day of Partisan Glory, on the days of city liberations he stands at a rally next to the veterans of Krolevets, Hlukhiv, Putyvl, Seredyna-Buda and Yampol.

— Head of the Yampil disctict veteran organisation Petro Mohyla

Alley of the Soviet Union Heroes, monument “Children of War”, memorial to the heroes of the battle of Cherneve, the monument to the perished villagers in the Sliporod village − we, the dwellers of the Hlukhiv region, are grateful to Andrii Derkach for all of the above. Our generation must use every opportunity to tell our children and grandchildren the truth about the war, and the MP not only provides support, but also personally takes the initiative to organise events and many useful developments”

— Chairman of the Hlukhiv city veteran council Vasyl Goryanyn

During the last fifteen years the President of the Foundation Andrii Derkach has personally met many combat veterans, visited them at home and gave presents for anniversaries.

it took me some time to realise that the big box in my hallway is the new washing machine. Andrii Derkach is an honourable man. He found out about my anniversary and spared some time to pay a visit and congratulate me personally.”

— Kateryna Kovbasa, a partisan nurse at wartime, now living in Krolevets

Sumy region covered itself in immortal glory. It was the site of severe battles, so each and every family has been burnt by the fire of the Great Patriotic War. Probably, for this very reason the noble initiative of search for the fallen fighters was introduced by local Hlukhiv communities. The search party “Obelisk” has been doing this for over a decade. In the area of Borky, near Hlukhiv, a memorial to the Nazi victims has been set up. Every year on Victory Day the solemn reburial of the fallen Soviet fighters takes place there.

In February 2012 the village of Dubovichi witnessed a re-enactment of the famous partisan parade of Kovpak regiment. Military re-enactors from many Ukrainian cities brought the events of 1942 to life. I`ve never seen anything like that before! So many people came to our village, so many young people, and everyone was lost in admiration and pride for out partisans, the spirits were high indeed”

— Chairman of the rural Dubovichi council Svitlana Lutsyshyn

Owing to search party “Obelisk” dozens of families found the graves of their family members, who died during the Great Patriotic War. This noble initiative of the “Obelistk” is supported by the Foundation through the following activities:

  • Funding the search expeditions of the party;
  • Purchasing the outdoors equipment (tents, sleeping bags, camcorder).

The President of the Foundation, MP Andrii Derkach started collaborating with the search party “Obelisk” back in 1999. He backed the creation of the regional mass graveyard near Hlukhiv, helped to conduct reburials in Hlukhiv and Putyvl at the highest level. Frankly, I have little interest in politics. What really matters to us, members of the search party, is the person`s attitude to war, to the deceased. So coming back to Andrii Derkach − he shares our spirit, he really cares about those who died at war.”

— Yurii Kovalenko, the leader of the “Obelisk”

Military-patriotic club “Courage” combines the experience of the veterans and the enthusiasm of the youth. This youth club has extensive experience in working with children and adolescents.This is one of the few Ukrainian clubs that are concerned with not only physical, but also patriotic education of the youth. Activists from the “Courage” club cooperate with the Foundation and take part in the implementation of its social initiatives.

Taking the Hlukhiv club “Courage” as an example, we created a regional Sumy organisation with identical name. Tours to WWII sites, recreation camp “The Summer of Courage”, training camps, youth forums bring together thousands of activists from Putyvl, Yampol, Krolevets, Seredyna-Buda, Konotop, Shostka and other districts. Within the region the club “Courage” has become the role model for successful work with children in the sphere of patriotic and physical education. Andrii Derkach helped to repair the Hlukhiv municipal stadium “Druzhba”, supported the revival of motorcycle racing in Krolevets, coordinated an international paintball tournament, as well as youth festivals. Every year he finds an opportunity to fund the children`s trips to recreational facilities. In 2012, for example, 32 teenagers received trip vouchers.”

— Victor Kovalchuk, the Head of the club

The Great Patriotic War was not the only war to bring pain and sorrow to our people. Our fellow countrymen participated in many other military conflicts, the truth about which only begins to emerge today.There was also a bloody war in Afghanistan.

For several years “Our Future” Foundation has been financially supporting and dealing with the problems of Kiev city council of the families who lost their family members to war in Afghanistan:

  • this includes financial aid to the families who lost a member;
  • financial aid to the Church of the Resurrection, the church-monument to the victims of War in Afghanistan.