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We are proud to present a collection of documentaries, filmed by different directors in recent years, but united by a common theme − morality. Russo-Japanese War, 10th anniversary of Pokrov Festival, Saint Nicholas of Myra, partisan leader Sydir Kovpak, a mysterious story of miraculous icon of the Eleusa type Theotokos (Virgin of Tenderness), forgotten stories of the Great Patriotic War… What do all these diverse films share? Each film deals with the issues of morality, spirituality and patriotism. These are the fundamental ideas behind the works we would like to bring to your attention

Andrii Derkach<br>Film Producer

— Andrii Derkach
Film Producer


Geronta: Confession to the world

A film-conversation with the hegumen of Dochiariou monastery at the Mount Athos, Geronta Grigory. The film contains thoughts of the hegumen about faith, life and a person as a whole.


Ten Years under “Holy Protection”

This is film about Orthodox Film Festival “Pokrov”, about its history of creation and staging. The film was released on the tenth anniversary of the forum and it features interviews with its creators Bishop Iona and Andrii Derkach.


True Nikolay

A film about St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, his ministration and formation, as well as his strongest influence on religion, culture and society in Tsarist Russia and modern Ukraine.


The circle of joy

Film tells the story of the life and formation of St. Seraphim of Sarov, his pilgrimage and ties with Kiev, as well as special connection of the Holy one with the Virgin Mary.


Witness of a miracle

This film is about life and formation of Blessed Andrew, fool-for-Christ, a Slav who lived in the 10th century in Constantinople. During his prayer at the Blachernae church, Saint Andrew was honored to see the Most Holy Mother of God, covering the prayers with Her omophorion.


His name was Grandfather

The film is about the partisan movement during the Great Patriotic War. It is about the deprivations and heroic deeds of partisans, as well as the leader and standard-bearer of the partisans Sidor Kovpak.



The film is about the reformist activities of the Prime Minister of the Russian Empire Piotr Stolypin. It tells about the implementation of the revolutionary land reform, which changed agrarian production in the Empire.



Film is dedicated to the 75th anniversary of His Beatitude Vladimir, Metropolitan of Kiev and all Ukraine. The film shows the life and formation of His Beatitude Vladimir, as well as his thoughts on faith, saintly life and salvation.


My joy

A film is about Serafim Diveevsky in the name of the Holy Trinity of the convent and about the trip to it of young seminarians of the theological academy. The film tells about the life of the confessors, about how they learn, develop and spend their lives.


Mini series "For a long time of the century"

This is a historical serial film about the development of the Far East, China, Japan and the Russian Empire and the relationship between these states.

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