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The 8th of March Will Not Be Repealed!

On March 6 the People's Deputy Andrii Derkach arrived in the district to congratulate women on the International Women's Day.
  • 07.03.2018
  • newspaper "Nedelya"

On the eve of the holiday everybody from kindergartens to retirement homes was congratulating women.

So, is the Women’s Day canceled or not? Perhaps, it was the most popular question after ask the price of the flowers.

Therefore, when on March 6 the People’s Deputy Andrii Derkach arrived in the district to congratulate women on the International Women’s Day, they also expected an answer to this question.

We do not pursue any ideology, but we respect women. The 8th of March remains a very important holiday. I remember at school we handmade postcards for moms and grandmothers, we did a whip-round for 10 cents to buy the vase for the teacher, which she has kept in plain sight her whole life. Growing up, we were congratulating classmates, beloved women, daughters, granddaughters. And we continue to do this from year to year. Our women are the pillars of the life both in families and in the whole state. Despite the fact that the current government wants to cancel this holiday, we will celebrate it to congratulate you, dear women“, the MP stressed.

Andrii Derkach visited Krolevetskiy and Putivlskiy districts. Together with Alexander Bobrovitskiy, the Head of Krolevets, he congratulated the female employees of the executive committee. Then the People’s Deputy came to visit the wards and employees of the Krolevets residential care homes for the elderly and disabled persons. Sweet tables were organized for the female employees of this specialized agency. Here, women received diplomas of award and presents for their dedication, and the whole team got a coffee machine.

In Putivl the ladies were honored in the city’s culture center. A special holiday cheer was brought to the hall when young guys presented flowers to each woman from the People’s Deputy. Paramedics, teachers, social workers, accountants, civil servants were granted with certificates and gifts on the stage.


The matinee performances were held in all culture centers, kindergartens and schools for the 8th of March celebration. Traditionally, each kid has prepared a handmade gift – a postcard, a flower composition out of scrap materials. Maybe these cards turned out a little uneven and asymmetrical, but certainly they became the most precious souvenirs for each mother.