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“A teacher is not a profession, it is a mission”, October 4, 2017

  • 04.10.2017
  • newspaper "Неделя"

Teachers received a lot of flowers, surprises and grateful words on the Teachers’ Day.

Teacher’s Day was celebrated with traditional concerts, festive gatherings in the Houses of Culture and school flash mobs. Schoolchildren welcome teachers in the most enthusiastic way: children prepare not only songs, but also they meet them in the morning with autumn flowers, shower with compliments and prepare various comical congratulations. However, adults also continue to express teachers their respect.

день учителя

“A teacher is not only a profession, but rather a mission. Dear teachers, you are now raising a generation that will retire after 2070. These children will take everything that is laid today to their future. It is important to give not only solid knowledge, but also moral principles of its application”, the MP of Ukraine Andrii Derkach stressed the importance of teacher’s work.

In Hlukhov, he personally visited the boarding school, congratulated district teachers from the DCH stage. He also held several informal meetings with schools teams of Yampol, Druzhba and Krolevets. Everywhere teachers asked about new education reform, state funding, asked to help with repair of the school or with acquisition of modern technology.