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About roads, schools and not only, June 28, 2017

  • 28.06.2017
  • newspaper "Неделя"

People are worried about one problem: how to improve life?!

People’s deputy Andrey Derkach comes to the district to meet with the residents, to learn more about the pressing problems and, if possible, to help people solve them. Therefore, in May, the MP visited villages of Krolovets district, and last week he met with the inhabitants of Putivl and Volokitino, Bobino, Yuryevo, Manukhovka villages, and in the Krolevets district – Lokno and Yarovo. Despite the busyness in household, in the villages people come to the meetings with interest, since they are trying to bring their concerns to the MP.

As a rule, the problems are quite the same. Most rural residents are worried whether they will have a school and a rural health post, whether the purchase price for milk will rise, what will happen to the land, etc.

Recently, a lot of remarks and questions have been raised in connection with the current reforms. People complain that no one has felt positive changes. Thus, former employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and now – pensioners, complain that the government “threw them under the bus” with pensions, as if they had not served to the state. Doctors and teachers are indignant at the abolition of seniority pensions. Moreover, all are indignant over the sharp increase of pension insurance record required for retirement. People understand that 40-50-year-olds will not receive pension because during recent years, rural residents have been earning money wherever they can, they moonlight and nobody wants to hire them officially.

They also have complained about the unsuccessful program “Free medicines”, since the drugs on the list are not available in pharmacies. Much has been said about the reform of medicine in general, but meanwhile rural residents, unfortunately, often remain out of doors: it takes more than an hour for ambulance to get to the villages, there are no narrow specialists in district hospitals and the equipment is out-dated.

Roads, or better to say, their absence, have been and remains the actual theme for years. In this regard, Andrey Derkach have made people happy, saying that in the region there will be major repairs of such segments of roads: Shostka – Krolevets; Seredina-Buda – Yampol – Bereza; Sumy – Putivl – Glukhov.

“Together with other MPs Oleg Medunitsa and Igor Molotok, we managed to lobby the inclusion of Sumy region in the state experiment on infrastructure development through the distribution of extra-plan revenues of customs. We plan to direct the funds for road repairs”, A. Derkach noted.

As for the repair of roads towards the villages, today, according to the MP, together with Sumy State Administration and the road service, priority directions of repairs for each district for the next year have been determined.

Today, for villages, a major problem is population reduction: there are 20-25 children in some schools, but there are also 10-12 children in other schools. In this regard, the position of Andrey Derkach is the following: to maintain school as long as possible. By the way, to ensure that rural children do not lag behind their city peers, this year the MP has donated interactive whiteboards and computers to many educational institutions, with his assistance the Internet has been lined up.

In Manukhovka the school had to be closed, the children began to be transported to a neighboring village. In order not to let the empty building break up or to be pulled apart by bricks, as often happens, the community has demonstrated an interesting solution to the problem: they have moved the kindergarten, the rural health post and the club there and plan to open the gym there as well. Everyone is warm and cozy.

Andrey Derkach also visited small children from kindergartens in Bobino and Putivl villages. For them, as a gift, he brought the necessary furniture – tables with chairs and lockers for clothes.

“I am sure that politicians have to visit remote villages to see how people survive. We have a really smart youth, every year children from ordinary schools go to prestigious universities abroad from our regions. It is necessary to help village and small towns to develop, and not to carry out thoughtless reforms aimed at “eradication” of villages”, believes Andrey Derkach.

During his latest visit to the district, he received a dozen requests, orders, complaints, which, as practice shows, are transformed into deputy requests to the highest officials.