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Andrii Derkach calls upon the Government to put subventions in order and pay municipal service workers

  • 19.02.2016
  • newspaper "Неделя"

Last May, the Government proudly announced the installation of a new simplified system of arranging subventions for reimbursement of expenses for utility services. However, a state bureaucratic machine stands in the way of a practical implementation of the much advertised changes. It negates any novations and brings additional hardships into the lives of ordinary Ukrainians, who are already dealing with many of those.

Currently our country faces a situation, where the municipal services of the district centers and small towns and villages are simply unable to provide the residents with adequate services due to significant arrears in subvention funds in the state budget.

Member of Parliament Andrii Derkach has thoroughly examined the problem over the course of his visits to Sumy Region and meetings with the residents of our district centers and villages.

As of now the state budget arrears to the Sumy facilities have reached 92,6 million Hryvna. The overall sum includes 4,6 million Hryvna of the money debt to the facilities, which provide services to the housing stock, the garbage carriers, and condominiums. Moreover, all numerous appeals of the city management on this matter went unaddressed by both the Finance Ministry and the Social Policy Ministry alike.

In Yampol District the arrears to the municipal services on benefits and subventions granted equal 8,2 million Hryvna, including 744,5 thousand Hryvna in so-called “live tools” (for the period of October-December 2015). In Krolevets District these arrears equal almost 784 thousand Hryvna.

”I perceive this situation to be degrading towards our people, which is why I have made a decision to forward an MP inquiry to the Prime Minister Yatseniuk with request for the Government to deal with this situation and provide the municipal service facilities with payment at the nearest possible moment”, MP summarized.

It should be noted that the main component of utility service tariff is a salary with an additional sum for the municipal service facilities workers. Lately, the state budget payments have been made predominantly by offsetting for electricity. As a result, the municipal services are currently facing the danger of even bigger arrears in payment of salaries, which could lead to them suspending their services to the population.

The lack of funds greatly affects the financial and economic activity of the municipal service facilities, which at this rate could soon lose the means to pay even the mandatory fees to the state budget.

“In the situation of total retrenchment and living standards decline for most citizens of Ukraine, despite the cosmic growth of utility bills, the lack of workplaces, the depreciation of the national currency, and military action in the East, the required minimum that the Government must provide is to implement the widely promoted social obligations to the population”, the MP inquiry underscores.

The inquiry was announced at the Verkhovna Rada session on Friday, February 19, 2016.