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Andrii Derkach congratulated women on the Holiday of Spring

People’s Deputy Andrii Derkach congratulated women on the Holiday of Spring and thanked them for doing much for their families and the country.
  • 08.03.2019
  • newspaper "Неделя"

People’s Deputy Andrii Derkach congratulated women on the Holiday of Spring and expressed his appreciation for doing much for their families and the country.

On the eve of the International Women’s Day, March 7, people’s deputy Andrii Derkach met with women in his constituency, congratulating them with the holiday. In the morning, a mini-tour began from the Znob-Novgorod UTC to the Seredyna-Budsky district, where, at the village council, he congratulated local women with flowers, certificates of merit and gifts. In the regional center in the house of culture female representatives of various institutions, organizations, enterprises gathered. Addressing them from the stage, the deputy spoke about the role of women in society, and its importance in the family, and the upbringing of children, not to mention the daily life of each family. Laughingly, the audience applauded for his words, “Thank you that “you`re not doing anything” so much.”

In Druzhba UTC, community residents gathered in the city palace of culture. The huge house of culture barely accommodated everyone to enjoy the performances of local artists, to see the performances of their grandchildren and children. By the way, today the palace of culture pleases with the repair, all the windows have already been replaced, the restored dance hall, facade works are underway. The main thing is that there is warm. Of course, women in Druzhba have festive mood, and alse is there the MP who came personally to pay his respects.

“Such holidays are very necessary, they unite families, generations. I remember how we in the school gave the teacher some kind of a vase, how long we thought how to please classmates. Of course, every year, long before March 8, I thought about a surprise for my mother, my wife, then for my daughters. Now I will congratulate my granddaughter. And this holiday was not taken away from us,” he said.

In Yampil the district palace of culture is also full house, there are not any seats available. They say that on March 8 there is always crowded here, and artists are preparing a new program. Indeed, the concert began with an interesting choreography, the act was performed by children of different ages. They threw roses to the hall, and were on their knees in front of women. Instead, the hall expressed his pleasure with applause.

People’s Deputy Andrii Derkach brought spring tulips and greetings. Both the mothers-heroines, teachers, and private entrepreneurs received honorary awards. In Hlukhiv, the deputy was also a guest at the district festival. He handed certificates of acknowledgement to women soldiers, doctors, chairs of village councils. As elsewhere, cultural staff have demonstrated their ability to surprise over and over again.