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Andrii Derkach: Doctors such as Todurov will correct the medical reform of Suprun’s paramedics

On September 11, on the basis of the Sumy Regional Clinical Cardiology Dispensary took place a reception with specialists from the Heart Institute of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.
  • 14.09.2020
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On September 11, on the basis of the Sumy Regional Clinical Cardiology Dispensary took place a reception with specialists from the Heart Institute of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. The visit of world-class doctors took place within the framework of the social program “Nash Kraj: health of the inhabitants of Sumy region”.

This project has been successfully implemented for seven years thanks to the support of the Andriis’ Derkach Charitable Foundation “Our future”. Leading cardiologists, mammologists, endocrinologists and pediatric orthopedists conduct free itinerant visits in all corners of the region.

« Our first acquaintance began seven years ago, when we first visited Sumy to see the condition of the cardiological service., says a cardiac surgeon and head of the Heart Institute of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine Boris Todurov. –We were horrified. Sumy was the only city in Ukraine where there was no “Stop Heart Attack”program. It was treated as in the 50s, the mortality rate was about 18%. It was scary – every fifth patient with a heart attack died».

The well-known cardiac surgeon was forced to appeal to the Member of Parliament Andrii Derkach with a request to establish a cardiac service in the region. Thanks to his help, it was managed to purchase a modern angiograph. For seven years in a row, specialists from the Heart Institute came to Sumy with their team and performed free surgeries. Over the years, has been trained local team of doctors – cardiologists, functionalists, cardiac rhythmologists. The mortality rate dropped from 18 to 3.5%, the lives of thousands of people were saved.

Thanks to the unique program for Ukraine “Nash Kraj: health of the inhabitants of Sumy region”, 25,000 residents of the region were examined. In particular, about 5,000 patients were examined by Kiev cardiologists of the Heart Institute, almost 5,000 – by mammologists from the Institute of Clinical Radiology in Kiev. Approximately 12,000 children were examined by pediatric orthopedists of the Shchupik National Medical Academy.

Thus, the examination revealed 76 patients with various oncological diagnoses. 55 of them, within the framework of the program “Our land: the health of residents of Sumy region”, were operated by an outstanding oncologist of the Kiev Institute of Clinical Radiology, Professor Sergii Bugaytsov .

« I want the residents of the regional center to be served in branches of modern clinics that could be opened in Sumy. , – said the head of the department of culture of the Sumy regional state administration Olena Melnik.So that healthcare workers feel that they care about the industry and about themselves. ” She is convinced that the local authorities should create all conditions for opening branches of the best narrow-profile clinics and institutes in the regional center.».

« Many remember how medicine was funded by the state and was accessible to people during my leadership in the region., – is sure the honorary citizen of the city of Sumy Anatolii Epifanov . – Unfortunately, the good deed that the charitable foundation is doing is not able to solve the medical problems of all residents of the region”.

Anatolii Epifanov is convinced that in the newly elected regional council, the large faction of “Nash Kraj” will secure funding for this project from the regional budget. The health of the region’s residents will always be in the center of our attention.

Andrii Derkach, leader of “Nash Kraj” of Sumy region, is convinced that the current government is not able to solve such an important issue as healthcare.

« Medicine in Sumy region does not participate in people’s lives at all, it needs to be reload and put in the leadership of adequate people, – convinced Andrii Derkach. – Unfortunately, today it is all built on the principle of money laundering. I have already cited an example of an open criminal case on the purchase of artificial lung ventilation machines (IVL) at inflated prices. This is 17 million UAH! And where are these devices? Gathering dust in warehouses. And no one thought about these non-professionals who were involved in the purchase of ventilators, is there a sufficient number of specialists in Sumy oblast able to work with these devices? Wasn’t it necessary to send some of these funds to more important projects? For example, 3.5 million hryvnia for the installation of pacemakers, 5 million for hip replacement surgeries for the elderly, or 20 million for the purchase of chemotherapy drugs for the treatment of oncological diseases».

Andrii Derkach, leader of “Nash Kraj”, Sumy Region, believes that only people in power, a team of real business executives and professionals can change the situation and save people. People who care about the problems of Ukrainians.