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ANDRII DERKACH: “Experimentations with inviting “intourists” to the leadership positions in the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine have failed”

  • 28.03.2016
  • newspaper "Кролевецкий вестник"

Member of Parliament of Ukraine Andrii Derkach has conducted a meeting with the village heads, the members of city and district councils from the political party “Will of the People”, and the public. The member of regional council Oleg Boyarintsev also participated in the event.

At the beginning of the meeting, the most pressing issues in the rural areas of Krolevets District were identified. The village heads addressed Andrii Derkach with a request to facilitate in solving a number of issues, namely: major overhaul of the social infrastructure, road repairs, keeping the small schools from being closed, payment of the benefits provided in the contracts by the milk processing plant, where the population delivers the milk, and so forth. Yuriy Zamula, the Head of the Chervonorankiv village council, expressed the villagers’ opinion on the inexpediency of renaming their village, which had been determined within the framework of abiding by the de-communization legislation.

The gathering was also informed of the projects developed for the purpose of participating in the competition aimed at securing funding by the State Fund of Regional Development for 2016. They include carrying out energy saving measures in Krolevets High School #1 and the Central District Hospital, major overhauls in the rural Culture Houses of Bystryk, Buyvalovo, Dubovych, Yarove, and the leisure center in Yaroslavka for a total amount of 9 million Hryvna. The competition between the available projects is being conducted at the moment.

As for the road repairs in Krolevets District, Andrii Derkach noted that the lack of funds in the state budget precluded the completion of required scope of work. However, jointly with Member of Parliament Igor Molotok, he had lobbied the inclusion of the Shostka-Krolevets section into the list. According to the Member of Regional Council Oleg Boyarintsev, the condition of the Krolevets-Putyvl section is critical and it is vital to find means to repair it as well.

Member of Parliament responded to the village heads’ worry about the closure of small schools: “This year the question of closing schools should not be considered at all, because this year is a defining one and has so far been underwhelming from the economic standpoint.” Andrii Derkach expressed his vision of the political and economic state of affairs in the country: “In my opinion, “the point of no return” in Ukrainian economy has already been passed. They don’t even talk about it any more, they just keep distracting people with the Cabinet shuffles, which are unlikely to improve the situation in any way. The experimentations with inviting “intourists” to the leadership positions in the have failed completely”.

No matter the sector; failure is evident everywhere. But the worst part is that there is no unified vision of the country’s economic future at the government level. Until there is an understanding that no one is coming to dig our country out of this hole, unless we do it ourselves. Therefore, there is no time to fight over political convictions. We have been looking each other in the eye openly and earnestly for a long while now, and now each of us, at their own place, has to try and minimize the consequences of the so-called “reforms” for the population”, Member of Parliament emphasized in his conclusion.