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Andrii Derkach: “The main task now is to minimize the risks”

The People’s Deputy Andrii Derkach initiated several meetings with district leaders, doctors and the police.
  • 27.03.2020
  • newspaper "Nedelya"

The People’s Deputy initiated several meetings with district leaders, doctors and the police.

Last week, People’s Deputy Andrii Derkach went to Hlukhiv, Yampol and Krolevets, where he met the heads of the districts and the UTC, the head doctors of the Central District Hospital and the police of all the constituencies of the district. The main issue, of course, is quarantine.

Sumy region is still in the list of prosperous regions; however, everyone is well aware that the emergence of the first patients is a matter of time. The meeting was attended by deputies of the Sumy regional council Oleg Boyarintsev and Nadija Vaylo.

To understand, currently (March 20, ed.) in my native Sumy region, there are 5 people suspected with coronavirus under the supervision of doctors. Therefore, it was important to organize work during quarantine and a possible emergency due to the spread of the disease. The main thing that they say in the districts: they have not received a clear protocol on how to act from Kyiv yet. Like Ilf and Petrov said before: “The salvation of drowning people is the work of the drowning people themselves.” We agreed that we will independently accumulate all the forces on the ground in order to work as a single harmonious mechanism,” – the deputy wrote on social networks.

Andrii Derkach also clearly identified 7 important steps that were outlined in the district.

1. The work of operational headquarters. Rapid response headquarters will operate in each district. Everyone acts according to a clear plan aimed at suppressing the spread of the disease. And they will also keep a daily record of the provision of the district with medicines, food, and personal protective equipment.

2. Purchase of mechanical ventilators and medications. They determined what was needed from medical equipment, namely, mechanical ventilators and components for them. And also discussed the formation of a reserve of necessary medicines.

3. Distance. It is necessary to minimize the number of people staying in workplaces during the quarantine period. Strive to leave functioning only those services that ensure the livelihoods of areas.

4. Protect doctors. Particular emphasis is placed on the availability of personal protective equipment to physicians and police officers.

5. Helping those who are most at risk. The main task for now is to minimize risks. First of all, to show humanity and take care of the people most at risk – retiree. It is important to bring them medicines and products, if necessary, to help in everyday life. We will attract those who can help it.

6. Informing. It is important to regularly clarify the situation for people. At the district level, work is under way to create call centers for delivering objective information. For example, people should understand that no one will disconnect them from gas and electricity for non-payment; no one will take away the subsidy.

One of our tasks is to clarify that one does not need to expose oneself to unnecessary danger while standing in lines at banks.

7. Calmness. If we will consciously approach to our own health, think not only about ourselves, but also about others, not to violate quarantine unnecessarily, keep calm – we will be able to pass this test.