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Andrii Derkach: “We published only 45 minutes from the record of Poroshenko’s conversations. There are still 5 more hours”.

Member of parliament Andrii Derkach is the “producer” of probably the most famous "cassette scandal" in Ukraine after Olexander Moroz, who published "Melnichenko's tapes" with the voice of President Kuchma 20 years ago.
  • 23.01.2021
  • Strana.UA,, News One, ZIK

Member of parliament Andrii Derkach is the “producer” of probably the most famous “cassette scandal” in Ukraine after Olexander Moroz, who published “Melnichenko’s tapes” with the voice of President Kuchma 20 years ago.

On Derkach’s tapes – the voice of ex-President Poroshenko, who communicated with Biden, and after with Putin.

However, Derkach does not like it when the tapes are called by his name. He claims that Poroshenko made the audio recordings by himself.

For now, Derkach published only about 45 minutes out of 5 hours of recordings on which were recorded the conversations of the most powerful men of Ukraine and other countries, and the remaining tapes were transferred to law enforcement agencies and expects an equitable investigation.

Meanwhile, the US Treasury has already included Derkach and a number of people close to him into the sanctions list. met with Andrii Derkach to find out where the tapes came from, whether he would continue to expose it, and how he actually lives under US sanctions.

— The US Treasury Department, explaining why it imposed sanctions against you, calls you a Russian agent who intervened in the presidential elections in America.

First of all, in the eyes of the current US President Joe Biden, the main “agent” of Russia is Donald Trump. He called him Putin’s “puppy”. Another one – “Moscow-spy” – Mitch McConnell (leader of the Republicans in the Senate — ed.). Magnets with his image in front of the Soviet hammer and sickle are sold in America in every souvenir shop. Giuliani is also an “agent”. So I have a decent company.

— So what can you say about interference in the US elections? And how did this story begin?

– From the accounting ledger of the “Party of Regions”. An investigator from NABU called me within the framework of this book, he wanted to interrogate me. I asked if he was sure he wanted to interrogate me? Since I was not mentioned in this book. But they said that they wanted to interrogate me as an adviser to Mykola Azarov. I came to them for interrogation.

— When was that?

– In May 2017. He asked me about one foreign tourist, about another one…

— Is Intourist – Paul Manafort?

– The secret of the investigation. I asked the investigator: “Young man, what are you doing now?” He said he was investigating something. I told him that he interferes in the internal affairs of the United States in order to discredit President Donald Trump.Like, your leadership did this in 2016, together with a number of people’s deputies and diplomats. It was around May 26th. After that, NABU two months later jumped out with a statement that it was not investigating cases against any “foreign tourists” and had nothing to do with this case.

— So does it mean you scared them?

– Yes, the fear was so great after this statement, drawn up by me in the interrogation protocol from May 26, that already on June 4 they referred the case according to the “accounting ledger” back to the Prosecutor General’s Office and said that they would not investigate it. There, this case is still there today.This is for your investigative topic. And yet, at one of the press conferences in 2020, the obsequious reports-giggles of Petro Poroshenko to Joseph Biden clearly sounded on the tapes, exactly on August 19, 2016. That from the “mileage”, thanks to the actions of the Ukrainian authorities and the NABU, they removed the chief of the campaign staff of the US presidential candidate Donald Trump – Paul Manafort.

— Did you realize when publishing these tapes that this could entail consequences?

– When I join the fight against corruption, I realize that there may be a “response”. If you are not ready for this, it is better not to start. It is important that the goals are correct, the motives are correct, then there will be help and protection. I hear versions that I am doing this allegedly in the interests of one or another oligarch. But in Ukraine, all oligarchs are socially and state irresponsible. Everyone builds their future not in Ukraine, but in different European countries. Some of them then realize that they are second-class people there, but instead of building a future in Ukraine, they continue to do something there.

Therefore, I have never supported the oligarchs. They are all the same to me. As for the allegedly interference in the elections, here we are talking exclusively about the fight against international corruption and robbery of Ukraine.

Under Biden’s supervision, the corruption of Petro Poroshenko and his entourage flourished. Under Biden, a parallel system of state administration was built through supervisory boards, Soros’s assistants, NABU. Now the prosecutor’s office and the courts are being added to make it “all inclusive”.

This is obvious to anyone who is minimally interested in the issue. Therefore, when the interests of Ukraine suffer, a person cannot remain silent because there are elections in another country.

— By the way about the oligarchs. There is a version that the impulse for the publication your tapes with conversations between Biden and Poroshenko was given by Igor Kolomoisky.

– I haven’t seen him for three years.

— To make revelations together with Kolomoisky, it is not necessary to meet with him. But let God be his judge. Did you understand that the publication of the tapes can be regarded as interference in the elections and the Americans will take some action against you?

— I want to remind you that back in October 2019, for the first time, we published a story related to NABU and the leaking of personal information by this office about Viktor Shokin(to ex-Prosecutor General – Ed. ), who was investigating the Burisma case, to representatives of the US Embassy. At that time, there was no talk of elections yet, it was long before the start of the presidential race. And the tapes appeared when they appeared.

All my actions were solely within the framework of my powers as a Member of Parliament of Ukraine – a representative of the people of Ukraine, and took place in compliance with the laws and the Constitution of Ukraine, and communication in the United States of America took place, including with a registered lobbying agreement, that is, officially, in accordance with the US laws. But again, in the interests of Ukraine and its citizens.

— By the way, from the message of the US Treasury Department it appears that Olexander Onishchenko gave the tapes to you. This is true?

— Which once again confirms the fake message of the US Treasury Department. Investigative journalists brought me the tapes. Probably, Onishchenko also has these tapes, and not only him.Пленок много. Biden simply in a nightmare could not imagine that Poroshenko would write it to the Administration for his personal archive. Such things simply can’t be done from the point of view of the culture of statehood. But Petro Poroshenko did it in his own style.

— Poroshenko generally had the habit to record his interlocutors.

– Apparently, yes. Specifically asked provocative questions.

— I wonder how this will affect his handshake in the world? After all, the other side will fear that their confidential conversation can be recorded.

– They look more at Poroshenko as an oligarch who still had a prefix – the president. Our oligarchs are aborigines for them, who can be guides in certain cases. But they never talk to them as equals. They are serious guys. The president is allowed to steal, and in return he gives the country under external control. This is what happened throughout Poroshenko’s cadence.

— Why did the journalists who, according to you, handed over the records to you, did not leave such an exclusive for themselves, but gave it to you?

“Even today they bring a lot of documents, very sharp ones. They understand that they could put themselves in danger if they publish them themselves. They are real people. They see sanctions, threats of reprisals, and so on. It is clear they do not want to become victims. Indeed, not a single case of the murder of a journalist has been investigated in Ukraine. Neither Sheremet nor Buzina. Not a single crime against journalists has been investigated. Even more – chief editor of your publication is a political refugee today because of a fabricated case.

But, on the other hand, even today we are supported by ordinary people, lawyers and law enforcement officers. There are many competent investigators in law enforcement who remember that they took an oath to serve Ukraine and not foreign masters.

— What is the total time of the tapes?

– About 5-6 hours – this is what they gave us.

– How many has been published?

– 45 minutes.

– What else is on the tapes?

— They did not publish tapes related to sovereignty, events in Donbass, relations with European partners. At the moment, there is no question about the authenticity of these tapes. Everyone understands that they are real. Especially after the actions of the US Treasury.

— So you think that the imposition of sanctions confirmed the authenticity of the tapes?

— Of course.

— What period do these tapes cover?

— 2015-2017 years. We would like to see 2014. We are currently working to obtain these tapes.

— How do you intend to dispose of what has not been published yet?

— We handed everything to the law enforcement agencies of Ukraine.

— Will you no longer publish these notes and talk about Burism and the Biden family’s corruption?

– We are constantly working in the anti-corruption and external control regime. If we find it necessary to publish something else, we will publish it. There was a delay and an obstacle in work, as many of us, including myself, was sick with the coronavirus. The disease is serious, I can tell from my own experience. I needed a period of rehabilitation, I just needed to recover.

— Who are “we”?

— A group of conserned people.

— Let’s talk about another person you referred to as a member of your investigation team. This is the member of parliament Olexander Dubinsky, who also had been sanctioned. Dubinsky during his recent press conference said that he had nothing to do with the releasing of the tapes and in general was categorically against mentioning his name in this context. Is he really not involved in publishing the tapes?

– My colleague, member of parliament Olexander Dubinsky, has no bearing on any tapes that we published. Dubinsky worked mostly on his own, and was always involved in exposing the corruption of Poroshenko, the ex-head of the National Bank Valeria Gontareva and her deputy Yekaterina Rozhkova with government bonds. He has made great progress in this.

Yes, indeed, we had contacts – both with me and with the ex-prosecutor of the Prosecutor General’s Office Konstantin Kulik – on the topic of government bonds, corruption in NABU and the creation of a TSC(Temporary Investigative Committee) in the Verkhovna Rada. Since this is a lot of money. But government bonds did not appear out of nothing. It was not us who came to the United States and there they cut down 6 billion with the help of their oligarchs, passed them through its jurisdiction and brought it to Ukraine.

By the way, thanks to Kulik and Lutsenko, the Ukrainian budget actually returned $ 1.5 billion. I think that none of the “affected” oligarchs, members of the Yanukovych clan and their protectors among diplomats and lobbyists won’t “thank” them for this. So they had their “fair share”.

— In other words, do you think that Dubinsky was on the sanctions list because of the investigation of the government bonds, and not because of the tapes?

– Each of the Ukrainian oligarchs has its own lobbyists, each group in the United States is looking for a foothold. Well, on the other hand, lobbyists are looking for agents of influence in Ukraine. In this case, I believe that Dubinsky injured the interest of big money, including us.

On the other hand, these lobbyists form the pool of orders for sanctions. How is it going in the USA? Lobbyists are mainly involved in such processes. According to our information, the sanctions against me, and also, most likely, against Dubinsky and Kulik, were organized through lobbyists by one of the oligarchs.

—Who are you talking about ? Is this Victor Pinchuk?

– No, although we expected “hello” from him for our exposure of laundering funds stolen from Credit Dnepr and Delta Bank and transferred to the Hillary Clinton Foundation. Viktor Pinchuk also reacted nervously to my congratulations on the Chekist day, as a former KGB agent. My friends, journalists in the United States, were laughing: “We are living in an amazing time! The personal fund of the US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was officially financed by a former KGB agent.”

– Earlier you’ve been hinting that the sanctions against you were lobbied by Akhmetov. Have you confirmed this? And why is Akhmetov working against you?

— Any surname mentioned by me is confirmed by a document. Regarding Ahmetov – wait a little, have patience. Viktor (Pinchuk – Ed. ) would have been Ukraine’s overseer if Hillary Clinton had won the presidency, not Donald Trump. But it didn’t work out that way. They (Pinchuk and Clinton – Ed. ) had a close relationship. Not like those of Vitaly Shabunin (Chairman of the Board of the Anti-Corruption Center NGO – Ed. ) with Christina Queen (Charge d’Affaires of the United States in Ukraine – Ed. ), but allowing to control the visa regime in Ukraine and other resource issues. Today Pinchuk works with curators of Christina Queen. One way or another, he influences certain processes that are emerging in Ukraine, hatches plans for “revenge” and expansion of influence. We see and know this.

— Who are those curators?

— Pinchuk is very closely tied to part of the US Democratic Party – he funded Hillary Clinton. He has contacts to influence the Queen. But I hope that when the new ambassador arrives and the investigation process intensifies, the situation will change. In the United States, the legal system is slow, it takes a long time to collect information before persecution begins.

So, all the documents that we have, with all the figures, the testimony of witnesses, have been handed over to their destination. Including the activities of Queen as Acting Ambassador in Ukraine. About her visits to law enforcement agencies in order to close cases on the reform of the prosecutor’s office, money laundering of American taxpayers. All of this will be studied and appreciated.

– About Dubinsky. Don’t you think that sanctions against Dubinsky are “hello” to Igor Kolomoisky?

– I heard about this version. But I repeat that this story is more connected with Valeria Gontareva, Poroshenko and the government bonds. Here’s a slightly different emphasis.

When deputy Sergii Leshchenko officially writes that he interfered with the elections and influenced the elections, and after that no action takes place, and sanctions are imposed on Dubinsky, who has been engaged in investigative journalism for 10 years, then what is this , if not double standards?

– There is a rumor that at the beginning of the parliamentary week a group of deputies is going to raise the issue of depriving you of your parliamentary mandate. Do you know something about this?

– I do not comment on the rumors, as well as the reaction of the Soros deputies who came to the Rada with some goals that are far from the interests of ordinary Ukrainian citizens. These are the problems of their relationship with the owners who are not in Ukraine. Since there is no such legal procedure, I just don’t give a damn about this screeching. And then, if you are talking about sanctions, then let’s first define what it is.

— Do you have your own definition for sanctions?

– Sanctions are an instrument of an out-of-court prosecution mechanism, as my colleague, respected lawyer Andrey Portnov, said. Simply put, it is a way to close your mouth for a certain period of time. One state organization writes to another, and after it issues a circular. In this case, the US National Intelligence writes to a number of organizations, including the US Treasury, basing its complaint on fake data of interested lobbyists – a purely political story that does not contain documentary evidence.

– But popular enough, since banks, government agencies, politicians react to it this way.

– Probably yes, it affects the young deputies, recruited according to the accurate definition of another lawyer Andrii Bogdan – “according to an advertisement in the newspapers.” I said on September 10 on one of the broadcasts that we were investigating, investigating and will investigate. Let them keep these sanctions for themselves, but they will return us 15 billion dollars stolen from corruption with the help of our oligarchs and US citizens under the guise of government officials. This must be fought, which I do. And not only me, but also journalists, including you.

Globalism, liberalism and breaking the Orthodox Church over the knee, imposed on our country in violation of the laws and the Constitution, is not something that we can look at calmly, without resisting and accepting at the behest of Soror’s people. We will resist this and we will win. I am sure about that.

— You hinted that Shabunin is Christina Queen’s lover. Has this information been confirmed?

– I always try to formulate very carefully what I am talking about. I said that Queen’s and Shabunin’s relationship is more than personal. I can also repeat that she is a woman with reduced state responsibility, since she puts her relations with activists like Shabunin above the interests of the United States, blocking the investigation of the facts of the possible embezzlement of American taxpayers’ funds. And I will answer your question like this: if you write that Christina Queen and Shabunin are lovers, I will not sue you. There is no desire to understand these relationships.

Let’s better pay attention to another interesting problem – PR about the fact that Poroshenko is Biden’s friend and is going to the inauguration. This is all nonsense, because, according to our information, Biden’s team generally wants to forget the word Ukraine in the information field, because every time this word comes up: Hunter, Burisma, corruption, China, impeachment. The same unsuccessful producer, assimilating budget money for Ukrainian cinema …

– Who are you talking about now?

— I’m talking about Andrii Yermak, who tried to organize Zelensky’s visit to Biden’s inauguration through his adviser, Burisma representative – Vadim Pozharsky.

— Did he managed to do it?

— No, he had to watch it on TV.

— What does it mean that Biden wants to forget about Ukraine?

– Lobbyists from Atlantic Cansel (a large American think tank, which is considered close to the Democratic Party – Ed. ), lured grants-eaters and Soror’s people will try on his behalf and on behalf of the Democratic Party to maintain the positions they have in Ukraine … All these suckers – I mean those who earn money in Ukraine, grant-eaters and soros, the “right” oligarchs. So, all these soulless things like “Atlantic Cansel” will try to convert Biden’s arrival and broadcast about his interest in Ukraine, but this is all fiction. It will be difficult to do this, including the fact that our society is already sufficiently aware of external management. Yes, and in the United States, it is too early to bury freedom of speech, Trump, Republicans.

And they are unlikely to quickly forget about Biden’s affairs in Ukraine. There, smart people sit with Republicans – in Congress and the Senate. And Trump’s 75 million voters are like the population of two Ukrainians. It’s hard to forget and not pay attention. In terms of prospects, one of the congressmen has already announced that Biden will be impeached on the first day of the Congress. So I would not jump to conclusions. The United States has its own procedures and laws. Not everything is what it seems. Let’s wait and we’ll hopefully see everything.

— When did the so-called “Democorruption” story begin?

– In the part of the Democratic Party, the story began with the fact that in 2019 we created a working group in the budget committee of the Verkhovna Rada to study the issues of international technical assistance (ITC, assistance that is allocated by foreign structures for various projects and reforms in Ukraine – Ed. . ), corruption in the fuel and energy complex, which affects budget-forming processes. We had data from the Accounts Chamber, which itself wrote that 5.2 billion had disappeared. We began to double-check with the ministries and customs. Working material has been developed. When we began to write about how the process of accounting for technical assistance is going in general, confusion began and the investigation was blocked.

Then we chose 15-20 bright cases of money laundering, misuse of ITC funds, and American taxpayers’ money. Then Giuliani appeared and said that they are also interested in this, since they do not want to waste money. I want to make it clear: our interests with the Republicans simply coincided for a certain period of time. Each of us defended the interests of our state and our voters and taxpayers. After that, American investigative journalists appeared.

Then Giuliani appeared and said that they are also interested in this, since they do not want to waste money. I want to make it clear: our interests with the Republicans simply coincided for a certain period of time. Each of us defended the interests of our state and our voters and taxpayers. After that, appeared American investigative journalists.

— For how long did the investigation last?

— They keep investigating.

— Do you think Giuliani will be in trouble anytime soon?

– I consider Giuliani one of the outstanding people who was the only one who overcame street crime, put all the heads of the mafia clans of New York into the jail, and was one of the most successful mayors of New York. On September 11 he really turned out to be a hero of the United States. He is a fairly coherent person, with the bone, a competent lawyer who, in my opinion, will come out of any situation that life prepares for him. And yet, he loves his country very much.

— Our impression is that the Republicans are not too concerned about the presence of their lobby on the territory of Ukraine. If we can enumerate the lobbyists of the Democratic Party for a long time, then there are no Republicans. Why is that?

– It is they, the globalists, who came to us, and we did not come to them to create problems, to make “maidans”, lustration, dictatorship on behalf of liberal values. They (democrats – Ed.) created the parallel management structures in Ukraine: supervisory boards in state-owned companies and a whole judiciary – NABU, SAPO, Anti-Corruption Court.

– What is your assessment of Trump being blocked on social media? By the way, were you blocked on Facebook?

– For a long time.

– What’s the official reason?

– Nobody explained it officially, they built a dictatorship on behalf of liberal values. Now they have everything according to the book by George Orwell “1984”. This is the history of the Ministry of Truth: there is correct information, there is incorrect information. Although Orwell wrote this book about the USSR at the request of the British special services.

I want to say that the way it was before Trump and the coronavirus pandemic in America will no longer be. Each country, including our partners in Europe, showed selfishness, and each country concluded that it should concentrate exclusively on itself, on its own interests.Including us. Our government needs to realize the importance of such processes: why we’ve been dumped with the vaccine by Western partners, to whom we opened our market under the Association Agreement with the EU, what’s frowned upon destroying our industry and jobs, and also think about the problem of network sovereignty. We need to broach this subject.

– What is network sovereignty?

– Today, only China, Great Britain, India, Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Israel can resist such companies that arrange operational totalitarianism in social networks. Unfortunately, no European country can resist the arbitrariness of social networks. This crisis has shown that social media is more important than the nuclear button. This is the first time corporations crawled out and said: “We control public opinion and we basically don’t give a damn about the state and government.” I would like to draw your attention to the fact that no one, neither international law nor elections, authorized them to do this.

— How we can confront it?

– Create your own local platforms, your regulators, laws, justify the presence of servers on your territory. Now Poland has begun writing a bill on digital sovereignty, including a ban on deleting accounts from social networks. We will see what they have on this topic and try to prepare such a document for Ukraine. Our country must defend its sovereignty in the digital plane as well.

— Supposingly, in case Facebook deems it necessary to block any faction or the prime minister?

– Yes, we can create or connect to the creation of the platforms. Now the US has seen how it works. Once – they switched the button, and Trump is blocked. This is dangerous for the Democrats too. Tomorrow “Big Brother” may say that they don’t need Democrats either, not just Trump. And nobody knows what to do about it.

— How did the US sanctions affect your life and business?

– For me, nothing has changed. I didn’t have any bills abroad or real estate; I didn’t steal gas, oil, or tariffs from the state. I was deprived of my visa even earlier, somewhere in March. But this does not interfere with the communication. With the pandemic in mind, everything is in ZOOM. I have many friends in the USA, we keep in touch. In response to your question, I can cite as an example the words of Rupert Murdoch: “When you destroy something old that interferes and create something new, you make enemies. I am glad that I have so many of them.”

— Does this limit your financial freedom? Can you pay through your card abroad?

– I’m not worried about this. If I am going somewhere, I usually go to Athos, to Greece. And monks, as you understand, are indifferent to these questions. In general, such things make a person stronger. And because of the importance of goals and objectives, the burden of sanctions and the anger of enemies, with God’s help, we become stronger and more confident.

—Taking into account your sanctions, could any of your trips abroad be fraught with consequences?

– I am a qualified lawyer. I always read the documents carefully, including the documents of the US Treasury Department based on fakes. Therefore, I have no questions about this. If they tried to intimidate me in this way, I will disappoint them: they, on the contrary, thus stimulate me to further action.

— You say that Poroshenko himself created these tapes – he recorded his interlocutors – Biden, Putin, during the conversation. How did he do it? Describe the mechanics of the process.

— I think he was just writing conversations on a tape recorder or other phone. To be honest, it didn’t interest me very much. We gave the tapes for examination within the framework of the criminal procedure. The SIB (State Investigative Bureau) transferred this case to NABU, and exactly after the elections in the United States, under the Christmas tree, on December 30, NABU tried to close this case on the basis of tapes and treason of citizen Poroshenko. We have already filed a lawsuit and will not let this criminal proceedings be closed.

— The journalists who brought you these tapes, are residents of Ukraine?

— Yes, Ukrainian journalists.

— Are those famous people?

— Let’s not discuss it . Because even the story of Kulik, who also came under sanctions – he was with me at an extreme press conference. He interviewed two foreign witnesses who were directly involved in laundering money for “Burisma”, which was later transferred to Hunter Biden’s accounts. So these witnesses today, according to our information, are given “greetings” and promise to figure it out, if literally: “they will catch up,” according to the “Burisma” representative, a citizen of Russia and Ukraine – Pozharsky. So, taking this opportunity, I want to warn the representatives of “Burisma” on the topic of responsibility – do not aggravate your already difficult situation. We see you.

— It is believed that this entire system of supervisory councils in Ukrainian state-owned companies is a kind of unofficial form of bribe for certain individuals. Name five understandable actions, how in the next month you can destroy this story with the supervisory councils?

— The bill on “elimination”, which we submitted and which is blocked by the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Razumkov and the Soros deputies.
— Explain us the concept of the elimination.

— Not ukrainian Citizens cannot represent the country. Nobody authorized to pay them. This means, everything can be solved with the help of a bill. But another question is who is able to make this decision. Shmygal?

— Doubt it. It is clear that this is tied to the relationship with the IMF, and according to the government, we cannot live without loans..

— Today in the USA and Europe there is an oversupply of funds. They have a negative return on credit resources. There is a concept of credit resources that are issued for some risk-free countries. If they saw a team here that would show a transparent system of resource allocation, then 10-15 billion would not be a problem. And in the situation with the IMF, we need to talk about cancelation, not a story with additional lending. Unfortunately, Minister of Finance Sergiy Marchenko got bogged down in stories of corruption. Today, he attributes to himself the success in external borrowing, but this is not his merit.

In general, the Ministry of Finance’s team is a group of downshifters who are incapable of defending the state’s interests, who care about their own income and tenure. They survive by surrendering their national interests, following the IMF’s instructions on tariffs, and putting pressure on private entrepreneurs. They draw beautiful presentations for the president and drag him into scandals with the private entrepreneurs and “tariff Maidans”.

A striking example of managerial idiocy, supported by corruption, is that the governing body of the scandalous Naftogaz, whose leadership hates the majority of the Ukrainian population, is directly the Cabinet of Ministers, and not the Ministry of Fuel (Ministry of Fuel, Energy and Coal Industry). This means that Shmygal and Marchenko are responsible for tariffs, they coordinates the financial plans of state-owned companies.

— At the same time, Marchenko complains that he has no money for a new suit.

— Why he can’t borrow it from Kobolev? But seriously, let’s wait a bit, all the secret will become clear. In fact, there should be a culture of statehood, negotiation and governance. And this does not exist, since each of them does not imagine his life in Ukraine. You must defend the interests of the citizens of your country.

Now we do not have a single border-country with which Ukraine would build normal relations. And this is the success of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, mired in buffets, slogans and anti-coalitions, dancing to someone else’s tune.

— What about Moldova?

— Is it when they try to drag us into the conflict over Transnistria? This is in the style of Minister Kuleba, who feeling great about himself with a bow on the lapel of his jacket.

— How to reach agreement with external partners?

— In order to reach some kind of consensus on international relations, we need to reach a consensus inside of the country. This can be done through contacts and agreements at the level of regional elites. Today, regional elites rule the country. It is not the Cabinet of Ministers headed by incomprehensible people, but the regional elites who govern the country, they are closer to the people, they see and solve social and economic problems as they can.

Authority has moved from an irresponsible and unqualified center to the regions. This must be correctly written out in the new Constitution. Perhaps it makes sense to talk about a bicameral parliament and the role of Zelensky, who, in my opinion, wants to do something good for the people and change the situation for the better, to be the last president of Ukraine to amend the Constitution and eliminate this post, which deceives high expectations of our fellow citizens. Maybe this is his mission.