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I give you new facts of international corruption, in which senior officials of Ukraine and the United States are involved. We are talking about almost a billion hryvnia losses to the budget of our country.
  • 11.11.2019
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I give you new facts of international corruption, in which senior officials of Ukraine and the United States are involved. We are talking about almost a billion hryvnia losses to the budget of our country.

In this story, there are the names of the previous president of Ukraine, high-ranking officials, law enforcement officers and corrupt officials who must be held criminally liable under the laws of our state, as well as the United States. But first thing first.


I had a press conference about a month ago where I disclosed the facts which bore evidence to NABU’s leadership leaking secret personal information about MPs and leaders of law enforcement agencies to the US Embassy. NABU also spilled information regarding criminal proceedings on international corruption involving senior officials of Ukraine and the United States.

The official correspondence between NABU and the Embassy implied the following:

First: NABU is utterly under control of individual politically preoccupied representatives of the US diplomatic mission;

Second: Law enforcement and government officials of Ukraine interfered with 2016 US elections.
Third: Individual U.S. officials were putting pressure on Ukraine to prevent the Burismacase from being investigated.

In addition to Ukrainian outlets, this information was also published by most European and American media. It is available on Facebook page as well.

So, why did I go public with these documents?

The scale of controversy Ukraine was dragged into is evident.

Investigation against Paul Manafort, who chaired Trump’s election campaign, his subsequent resignation and imprisonment.

Conversation between President Zelensky and President Trump regarding corruption investigations, including Burisma, which may now lead to the impeachment of President Trump.

Possible facts of corruption by former US Vice President Joe Biden and the Burisma.

In each of these plots it is the Ukrainian officials who happen to be the instigators. Every single story of this kind negatively affects the international profile of our country. We are already viewed by many partners as toxic and at that rate we may soon turn into a pariah state altogether. I personally am not enthused over that prospect for my country. Therefore, we must restore trust between the strategic partners – Ukraine and the United States.

With that purpose in mind I handed over the materials I had in possession to the Prosecutor General’s Office regarding:

What was leaked, who did it and who benefited;
• Who exerted pressure and who was subject to it;
• What kind of arm-twisting took place, who did it and who was on the receiving end.

The correspondence and leaks have been transferred to the General Prosecutor’s Office so that law enforcement agencies could ultimately close the chapter on a series of international scandals and corruption by means of an open and public investigation.

In the telephone conversation this summer President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky gave assurance to President Trump:

“The next Prosecutor General will be 100% my person, my candidate, who will be approved by the parliament and will start as a new prosecutor in September. He or she will look into the situation, specifically to the company that you mentioned in this issue” – President Zelensky said in a telephone conversation with President Trump on July 25th.



What did the Prosecutor General do?

The other day, Prosecutor General Ruslan Ryaboshapka gave an interview. He stated therein that the criminal case on Burismadid not exist.

Let me remind you: the practices of the Ukrainian company Burismaand its owner Nikolai Zlochevsky, the former Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources during Viktor Yanukovych Presidency, provoked an international corruption scandal in the United States. Why?

Because according to the materials of 11 criminal proceedings, the former US Vice President Joe Biden and his son Robert Hunter Biden were involved in this scandal.

And so, Ukrainian investigators and the case files allege that Joe Biden received more than $900k, while his son Robert and his partners received over sixteen and a half million dollars for consultations provided to Burisma Company. It was information about this particular NABU’s investigation that was leaked to the US Embassy.

But Prosecutor General Ryaboshapka in his interview says: “There is no Burisma case. It exists only in the mind of the one who invented it.”

It is not true. It does exist in the documents that were signed by Mr. Ryaboshapka himself after he has been appointed as Prosecutor General.

Let me remind you again that on October 9thI published all the facts about NABU spilling secret information to the US Embassy as well as evidence regarding high treason and international corruption, having transferred them on that same day to the Prosecutor General.

Do you know what the Prosecutor General’s Office official response was?

They said that all these facts have long been verified in detail by the National Bureau of Investigation in the framework of criminal proceedings Nr. 2952 named – I quote –

“regarding facts of illegal collection of intelligence in political, public, economic and other spheres, collection of information constituting state secret, derogatory information about government officials for the purpose of transferring it to foreign intelligence services”.

In normal people speak this official letter from the Prosecutor General’s Office confirms the accuracy of the information I published on October 9.

“Indeed!”  – says Ryaboshapka, “the information was leaked out of NABU.” “Indeed!” – he says, “the facts regarding Burisma, the Bidens, international corruption and other facts that have been made public by Mr. Derkach and then picked up by media around the world, have already been investigated.”

So, what was the conclusion of the investigators?

But what did the investigators come to?

Here’s the quote:

«As a result of the pre-trial investigation on September 2, 2019, the investigator decided to close this criminal proceeding in connection with lack of corpus delicti. Therefore, there are no grounds for re-entering information set forth in your application to the Unified Register of Pre-trial Investigations».

And there’s signature of Ryaboshapka.

In other words, the inquest does not see anything wrong with this.

«There is no corpus delicti».

Therefore, they closed the case.

It’s extremely important statement. By his answer, Ryaboshapka confirmed the accuracy of the published information on international corruption and high treason, but he did not find a corpus delicti there.

Can you guess why the GPO didn’t find the corpus delicti? Because they closed the criminal proceeding on the very first working day of new General Prosecutor.

On Friday, August 30, the President Zelenskiy was signing a decree on appointment of Ruslan Ryaboshapka as the General Prosecutor. On the weekend, he has been celebrating. And, on September 2, on Monday, on his orientation day he is coming to close the flagrant case.

Nevertheless, if Ryaboshapka closed the case, his deputy and Head of the Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutors office in parallel, Nazar Kholodnitskiy, has found the nature of a crime and initiated an investigation based on my application.

Above toy have seen the doc from Ryaboshapka, but here is the file from Kholodnitskiy.

The first one acted in a quick way and the second abided by the law.



In order to help the investigation, he made public new facts on international corruption. These documents as well as previous were transferred to me by investigative journalists in 11 criminal proceedings.

This is the official statement from Morgan Stanley. Morgan Stanley is one of the biggest bank holdings in the USA.

Here you can see a cash flow of Rosemont Seneca Boa company owned by Devon Archer, for a year and a half (from May 2014 to October 2016).

Devon Archer is business partner of Robert Hunter Biden, son of ex-vice-president of the USA, Joe Biden.

Here`s on the pic you can see all are assembled. On the far left is Archer, on the left side are father and son Bidens.

Similarly to Biden Jr., Archer has served on the Board of the Ukrainian oil & gas operator Burisma and combined duties of the Head of Rosemont Seneca Boa company.

What does Archer`s company Rosemont Seneca Boa correspond to?

At its core, it is shell company between Zlochevskiy`s and Biden`s. It is through this shell-company Robert Hunter Biden has been receiving the money from Burisma of Zlochevskiy.

On these papers there are both receipts from Burisma company, and expenses for Joe Biden`s son.

The kind of activity Biden was paid for through the shell company is not clear. There are no agreements, according to which Robert Hunter Biden should receive these payments.

According to the bank statement, starting from May 2014 to October 2015 Burisma company transferred to Rosemont company 4 mln 817 thousand dollars, and the latter transferred a reward amounted to 871 thousand dollars to the account of Biden.

However, I should emphasize, this is the financial statement for only year and a half. But how much Biden received for 4 years.

In total, according to our data from the report of Financial Intelligence Unit of Latvia, for the benefit of two shell-offshore companies, as well as Robert Hunter Bidenwith partners of the Burisma company, paid no less than 16,5 mln dollars.

Even at that time, Financial Intelligence Unit of Latvia, transferred to the General Prosecutor`s Office of Ukraine and the State Financial Monitoring of Ukraine the materials about Robert Hunter Biden who may be involved in corruption.


How did the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies act? What did they do with all this information?

Then General Prosecutor Viktor Shokin exacted the NABU to imitate investigations of cases on international corruption, namely activity of Burisma and Zlochevskiy.

Shokin has repeatedly called upon the NABU director Sitnik in the criminal proceedings on Burisma case, but always got the run-arounds.

Let`s run through this bureaucratic «shooting»

Shokin to Sitnik: Conduct a trial on the Burisma case.

Sitnik to Shokin: We have received the cases, but we can not initiate the investigation because we need more bureaucratic crowd of piece of paper.

Shokin to Sitnik: the NABU disregards the investigation. This happens even though the statute of limitations expires in the most proceedings.

That is, the proceedings will conk out and nobody could prove the international corruption.

However, the NABU puts the brakes on the proceedings.

Shokin just doesn`t know yet, that while the NABU buggers him arond, the first NABU deputy Gizo Ugkava through his assistant Polina Chyzh leaks the case files of these criminal proceedings to the US Embassy.

Shokin has no idea, that instead of investigation on Burisma, the NABU unduly collects his and his family.

Why was the NABU in such a hurry to closethe cases of Burisma, Zlochevskiy and Biden, and for whom did they collect personal data on Shokin?

The point is that the moment when Shokin demanded from NABU to investigate facts of international corruption coincided with the arrival of US Vice President Joe Biden to Ukraine.

And $ 1 billion of loan guarantees that the United States had to provide Ukraine depended on Biden.

Biden wanted to cover up the criminal proceedings so much that in his speech to the US Council on Foreign Relations in January 2018, he called Shokin “the sonovabitch who must be fired.”



What does we have?

Joe Biden could not have been aware that in Ukraine there are ongoing criminal proceedings on Burisma company and his son.

He could not help but know that the US Embassy was putting pressure on the NABU, and the NABU was leaking information on the state of criminal cases to the Embassy employees.

He had a good reason to be annoyed by Shokin, who hammered at the NABU to conduct an investigation.

Former US Vice President Joe Biden with son Robert Hunter Biden

Joe Biden faced a choice:

  1. To give a cue to his son to withdraw from the doubtful company, which appears in 11 criminal proceedings of law enforcement agencies of Ukraine and other countries?
  2. Or let his son to continue to get a cut of $ 16.5 million from Burisma through the shell-company Rosemont Seneca?

Well, how did Biden act? Based on the financial statement of Morgan Stanley, Biden has chosen not the first variant.


What does this mean for Ukraine?

The total amount of damage from unpaid taxes in Ukraine for various criminal proceedings with structures affiliated with Burisma is almost one billion UAH.

In addition, according to Ukrainian investigative journalists, as well as documents in the investigation of the General Prosecutor’s Office, one of the transactions related to the Burisma company in acquisition of one of its energy assets led to the theft of UAH 700 million of NBU refinancing.

Today our task is to stop international corruption and return funds to the budget.

And the Ukrainian prosecutor general, as any citizen, should care nothing for whose relatives are on the board of the company suspected of money laundering from the Ukrainian budget.

And what did Ryaboshapka choose when he closed the criminal proceedings in half a day, while confirming the accuracy of all the information I published?

It turns out that any authority in Ukraine can send secret information to the services of other states and it won’t be considered as a crime.

Moreover, Polina Chyzh assistant to Gizo Uglava, who, according to investigative journalists, directly leaked the Burisma case to the US Embassy, took the post of Head of the international department of the General Prosecutor’s Office, according to my information.

On opinion of investigative journalists, she was appointed to the post by the people involved in the Burisma case in order to continue to leak information and to sabotage the international cooperation of the General Prosecutor’s Office and the US Ministry of Justice and other countries.

How does it may be lined up with the Constitution of Ukraine and legislation, and where we can see the protection of the sovereignty of the country? It’s just confusing.

What will Ryaboshapka chose, when I pass him this document withtransaction postings on Biden and Burisma, which the General Prosecutor`s office already has at their disposal?

Considering the so called attestation and reorganization of the prosecutor`s office, there are grave reservations about that the same persons who acted as brakes on investigation, continue to effect on the criminal proceeding.

But I will help Mr. Ryaboshapka to make the right choice.

I am transferring all the documents I have to the General Prosecutor`s Office of Ukraine. And I make requirements to initiate the investigation on data-trafficking by Uglava and Chyzh, remove them from the post.

In addition, I ask the GPO of Ukraine to transfer the documents to the US Ministry of Justice, as by intercourt assistance agreement.

Dear General Prosecutor, I call you upon to act according to the rule of law, but not on instructions and whispering of so called curators.

Because continuing disregard of the facts of international corruption by the GPO of Ukraine and further inaction on transfer of the documents to the US Ministry of Justice will lead to lawsuits by investigative journalists, experts and MPs.

The General Prosecutor`s Office now has all the materials to save situation and face.

Mr. Ryaboshapka, don`t you know what is the right thing to do? Abide by the law

Go ahead, Mister!