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Boris Todurov: Andrii Derkach does everything so that grant-eaters will be held accountable for their crimes

A well-known Ukrainian cardiac surgeon, doctor of medical sciences, professor, honored doctor of Ukraine, director of the Heart Institute of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, public figure Boris Todurov visited Krolevets, Putivl and Yampil a few days ago.
  • 19.07.2019
  • newspaper "Неделя"

(Grant-eater: a recipient of money grants, especially from foreign entities, who advocates the policies of the donors)

A well-known Ukrainian cardiac surgeon, doctor of medical sciences, professor, honored doctor of Ukraine, corresponding member of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, director of the Heart Institute of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, public figure Boris Todurov visited Krolevets, Putivl and Yampil a few days ago.

“The first conflict with the new team of our Ministry of Health happened 3 years ago.

They allegedly started a reform, as a result our medicine become absolutely impoverished over the years, completely disempowered and already discredited. Hospitals were left without equipment, patients – without drugs, doctors – without salaries and proper position in society. When it was announced about the beginning of the reform, the first question from doctors was about what model of medicine is expected. A European model of medicine.

But instead they began to make some fake changes:

“Tomorrow we will introduce paramedics and will remove the emergency doctors.” That’s how it is in the West. This is how it’s done in America. But in the USA there is a completely different training for paramedics, there are helicopters, emergency hospitals are well-equipped and operates a huge infrastructure that helps. “We are introducing family doctors and removing the Soviet clinics.” To date, 20 million declarations are allegedly signed. Yes, the only thing that somehow worked out was to raise a little salary to family doctors. But did the service quality improve? Maybe medical care has become more affordable? Unfortunately, statistics show that we have lost 2.7 million retirees. 3 years ago there were 13 million, today – 10.3. Here is the result of the so-called reforms that our ministry is pursuing.

Traditionally, 2.8% of Ukrainian budget goes to medicine.

They say we are going to Europe. But even there the poorest country allocates from 7.5 to 12% of its budget for medicine, and also they believe this is not enough. How can a grand reform be carried out with such financing, while they requiring doctors to comply with some European standards? By the way, in 3 years they did not prescribe a single standard of treatment. They give us a links to New Zealand, Australian, American, German sites so doctors must visit it and read in English, German, Spanish, Brazilian , they must find out how they treat, and take this standard for themselves. Tell me, is our education similar to American or New Zealand? It is not! Is the equipment same as in German or Australia? No! Then it’s just a mockery to demand any foreign standards from our doctors today.

It is a long story what is happening in medicine today.

Unfortunately, these guys learned to blame doctors for all the troubles, they say, doctors are under-educated, corrupt and can’t organize their work. They convinced the patients that doctors and nurses are responsible for such problems as : that there are no drugs, that they looted hospitals, did not paint the stairs, and ate lunch.

Almost all medical science is going down.

For the past few years , 12 best specialists quit our successful Heart Institute and went abroad, although Institute performs the most advanced heart surgery. A couple months ago, the Ministry of Health announced to us that funding for research fellows was completely closed. Well in August, I must dismiss 32 people – these are doctors, candidates of medical sciences, the best specialists, the most experienced, this is the carcass of the institute.

But I visit district hospitals and see that their situation is much more catastrophic than ours.

There is some kind of support for the city, higher salaries, prestige in Kiev. In regions – a nightmare. I asked myself if I would go to work with beggarly salary, and honestly my answer is no. Young people understand that work in district hospitals is a zero prospect, and today they don’t want to work in Hlukhiv, Putivl, and Krolevets and Yampil. After all, you won’t be able to rent an apartment for that salary! If they won’t change anything right now then the current Central District Hospital has no future.

Today, all reports from the Ministry of Health only about saving money.

The state don’t want to mention that we saved so many seriously ill children, reduced mortality on heart attack by so many percent, reduced the measles epidemic. We did not hear a single intelligible report from the Ministry of Health on improving the quality of treatment, reducing disability and mortality, and increasing birth rates. The goal is to save money. But this cannot be state goal in itself!

When this pseudo-reform began, many people’s deputies sympathized with us, doctors.

But not more than that. Andrii Derkach was one of the few deputies who was not afraid to stand with us, with doctors, and protect the interests of both – patients and doctors. At the state level, he knocks out budgets for us, investigates and files lawsuits against the grandiose wastes of the Ministry of Health. While Ulyana Suprun was in the government, Andrii Derkach has already sued the Prime Minister several times about her illegal presence in the post of acting minister and the harm she caused. And he came to the European court. He has a systematic understanding of the problems of medicine and a strategic vision of methods for replacing this pseudo-reform.

For many years Andrii Derkach has been a member of the supervisory board of “the Heart on the Palm “ (Serce na doloni) fund which has funded more than a dozen heart surgeries for children. He attracts investors, seeks sponsors. And when a child from his district urgently needs to buy an occluder, a spring to close the botanical duct, an oxygenator for the surgery, and the family cannot afford this, Derkach won’t hesitate for too long: one call – and everything is paid at that moment. At the Heart Institute, all children under 16 years are operated for free: either from the foundation, or from our internal reserves, or from deputy money.

The Ministry of Health has closed a number of programs: oncology, treatment for children with severe defects .

Until the end of the year, they will not finance either transplantation or oncology treatment abroad. Where does this money go? It’s obviously. When Kvitashvili arrived, he withdrew abroad 2.6 billion UAH. That is why foreigners are working on posts like this- they simply do not feel sorry for our people. Their task is terrible – to reduce the number of people. The birth rate on the eve of the Revolution of Dignity was 500 thousand people a year, now it is already 300 thousand.

Think about it, the cost of insulin for a child for a month is 3.5 thousand UAH .

Where can an ordinary family get this amount of money if the state program does not work? And for some reason the criminal power finances barely half of the needs of Sumy region. Not give insulin to diabetics – this is murder, criminal negligence, failure to perform one’s official duties. And total impunity for Suprun, who has an American passport. From the first day of her appointment, Andrii Derkach openly fought this vicious system of irresponsibility. When Uliana Suprun arrived, she brought 7.5 billion UAH abroad for the supply of medicines, which arrived only after 2 years. As a result, some drugs had only 2-3 months of shelf life. Naturally, they decided to dispose them, despite the losses of millions UAH. Before for misuse of budget funds people received 10 years in prison, today it is totally okay. But Andrii Derkach does everything so that grant-eaters are responsible for their crimes.

We often discuss these issues with Andrii Derkach .

We can’t talk about any changes without insurance medicine, without alternative financing, without adding at least 5% to the budget for medical expenses, and we understand that. He is ready to systematically, firmly solve the problems of medicine.

With his participation, we created a modern cardiocenter in Sumy .

Before the mortality from cardiovascular diseases in the Sumy Region reached 60 percent, today – 16. Through the efforts of Andrii Derkach, we perform free heart surgery on children in our Center.

I am ready to provide comprehensive assistance to doctors in the northern parts of Sumy region .
Keep your spirits up! Fight for decent working conditions, study and teach youth. Do not let lose medicine in ypur cities and villages … ”