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The bridge over the river Verbovka

On the Day of the Village, residents of Sliporod in Hlukhiv region received many gifts and remembered their history.
  • 20.06.2019
  • newspaper "Неделя"

On the Day of the Village, residents of Sliporod in Hlukhiv region received many gifts and remembered their history.

Sliporod residents jokingly compare this construction (the bridge) with a new pedestrian transparent bridge in Kyiv. “Our laying is better! Because we need it,” – say people. We dreamed about this crossing for a long time, because the way to the pasture and the football field is so shortened now, you do not have to go around a lot to get the geese. This gift was made by the deputy of the city council Volodymyr Grib on the Day of the village, which was celebrated during Trinity day.

– I am sure that not every big village celebrating the Day of the Village so amicably, they have such gifts, they sincerely sing and rest. Sliporod residents are satisfied, – says the chairman of the quarterly committee Nadija Zaitseva.

According to Nadija, this year’s holiday was decided to coincide with the 90th anniversary of the creation of the first collective farm in Slipobor, which became the brigade No. 1 of the “Gigant” collective farm, later was renamed into Lenin Collective Farm. In the 90s, it was reformatted into LTD “Velikan”, which became one of the best agricultural enterprises in Ukraine. Of course, the whole families worked and continue to work in this agronomic firm, the whole social sphere of the village is connected to it. Interestingly, they dedicated photo and art exhibitions to the famous countrymen. The remaining portraits of the best collective farmers of the 1970s were impressing with warmth, many for the first time saw their young grandparents. The artist Vasiliy Ivanovich Yevtushenko worked for a long time in the collective farm cultural house.

The director of LTD ”Velikan”, deputy of the regional council Nadija Vailo, who has been heading the company for 20 years, presented valuable gifts to labor veterans, all mature people gave their lives to the former collective farm, old-timers and the younger inhabitant of the village. Peoples deputy (Andriy Derkach) assistant – Yuriy Burlaka handed over from Andriy Leonidovich computer equipment for the Health Point. And Volodymyr Grib handed cash prizes to activists. For children – a gift from the deputy was soap bubbles show and other interesting entertainment.

Made it worth their while the owners of the celebration. They handed cups with symbols of the local sports club “Kolos”, which was created and headed by one of the members of the village committee Ivan Shchastnyj, to their regular sponsors and reliable assistants in solving all issues. Also the most active athletes received gifts. Words of gratitude were addressed to Mykola Koltakov, who helps in organizing sports events, and countryman-entrepreneur Valeriy Konoplya, who became a sponsor of the sports club.

The winners of the annual competition for the best manor were noted – the Pecheni family. Then the concert and entertainment were waiting for everyone!

The holiday continued with a football tournament in honor of the 100th anniversary of the birth of the brigade leader of the first brigade, Hero of Socialist Labor Ivan Petrusenko. A team of parents and grandfathers won the team of sons and grandchildren. And in a friendly match with the team of the village of Nekrasovo, the Sliporod youth came out victorious. At the end of the festivities was a bonfire.