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Bronze with golden glints, September 27, 2017 2

  • 27.09.2017
  • newspaper "Неделя"

Boxer Alexander Grechanik took third place at European Championships, although his trip to Bulgaria was questionable until the last moment.

The strongest juniors from around the world came to Albena city for the victory. So, in the category of (up to 54 kg), 26 athletes competed. All the boxers, with whom 16-year-old inhabitant of Hlukhov met in fights, were strong. However, Alexander’s technique, according to experts, was not inferior.

The first fight in last 32 was held by Alexander with a boxer from Azerbaijan. The judges unanimously awarded our sportsman a victory. In round of last 16 – again an unconditional victory over the representative of Turkey. Judge Viktor Balabko commented that for Alexander this fight was expected to become the most challenging. In quarterfinal Grechanik boxed with British.

Here, the coach stressed that taking into account the level of training and technique of the opponent, this battle was the most difficult for Sasha. Nevertheless, Alexander also won in this fight! In the semi-finals he met with Russian athlete. The judges voted for the opponent but it was not unanimously. As a result, A. Grechanik took the third place. As noted by the head coach of Ukrainian boxing team among juniors Oleg Kudinov, this was a “bronze victory with a golden glints”.

By the way, as sportsman’s parents told, Sasha’s trip to European Championships was under the threat of failure.

“We applied for a biometric passport two months in advance, it was enough time. Who could have thought the passport to have not been issued on time? It was time to prepare the documents for trip, but the passport was not ready. The whole country was standing in line. We began to ask all authorities to help. The Passport Desk Head in Hlukhov, Tatyana Bukhanistaya, did her best to help us. We were in despair. A great support was received from the MP Andrii Derkach, we were looking for any options how to speed up the process of issuing a passport. Could you imagine that the passport was received at the last moment? We got a passport, and on the same day Sasha flew to Bulgaria!”, says the athlete’s father Sergey Grechanik.

In addition, at European Championships, the young man fulfilled the standard of the master of sports of Ukraine. Let us remind that he is a graduate of Novgorod-Siverskiy boxing club “Leader”, five times a week he goes to the training 67 km far from Hlukhov.

“I am very glad that our pupil showed such an excellent result. It does not matter where you go for training – in a city with a million population or in 14 thousand Novgorod-Siverskiy. The main thing is only your work, diligence, and attitude. Among sponsors – local company “Rostok-Holding” and parents. In spring we plan to participate in the qualifying Championship of Ukraine, which will decide whether Sasha will participate in the World Championship”, says Viktor Balabko. “If he wins there, he will get a license to participate in Youth Olympic Games”.
We wish successes and new victories to the inhabitant of Hlukhov with Novgorod-Siverskiy sport “residence permit”, a student of the PPC SNPU, Alexander Grechanik.