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Champions of the «Leather Ball»

Schoolchildren were greeted by People`s Deputy Andriy Derkach, the city’s mayor Oleksandr Bobrovitsky, beautiful girls and thanked them for glorifying their native city to all over the country.
  • 07.09.2018
  • newspaper "Неделя"

During the celebration of the Krolevets City Day, young football players became one of the main characters of the holiday. Schoolchildren were greeted by People`s Deputy Andriy Derkach, the city’s mayor Oleksandr Bobrovitsky, beautiful girls and thanked them for glorifying their native city to all over the country, becoming champions of the All-Ukrainian Competition «Leather Ball – Coca-Cola Cup» U14 20178 season.

«This is a great achievement for children and for all Krolevets football. Such an event in the history of Krolevets was not yet», commented the head of the youth and sports sector of the District Administration Nikolay Bezverkhy.

To this victory, young players walked strongly from year to year, adopting the skills and craftsmanship of his mentor. Pyotr Andreyevich is a coach from God, a football fan who has received many awards. He has been hardening future football stars more than a decade, working on the sports school for children and on the school number 1. Directly with this team is professionally engaged in 6 years. And it gave good results. They are numerous prize-winners of regional competitions. Recently they represented Ukraine in Belarus. It is a single team that recently represented Ukraine in Belarus. Great support for the players is provided by their main sponsor from the Kharkov, which transports passengers from Kharkov to Krolevets, Vladimir Viktorovich Kaluzhenov.

«Vladimir Kaluzenov noticed the professional game of our team, as soon as we first went to Kharkov to the tournament and for 4 years he has been helping us in everything. He provides for players form, balls, transport. In addition, children at his expense can also improve their health in the summer at the sea», said Peter Pustovoit gratefully.

When champions returned home, they were solemnly greeted at the school number 1 by classmates, friends, teachers, parents, and city and district leaders. The warmest words of respect and gratitude to the young footballers and their coach were heard in the speech of the director of the secondary school №1 Nikolay Pogorelsky. The sweet gifts were handed over and the best wishes were expressed by the mayor Alexander Bobrovitsky and the head of the District Administration Oleg Kucheryavy. Parents and classmates spoke with pride and joy about the winners during a personal contact. In particular, Anastasia Seraya and Liza Piskun expressed confidence that there would be many such victories in their avid football players and they were proud of them.

And at the celebration on the occasion of the City Day, the champions and their mentor became the protagonists. They were warmly congratulated with the high achievement by the Mayor Alexander Bobrovitsky together with the People’s Deputy Andrei Derkach, Archbishop Konotopsky, Glukhovsky Roman. Each player was awarded a certificate for 1000 hryvnia and a sweet gift for the whole team. In addition, the People’s Deputy promised to young footballers to give boots, and to their coach, according to the mayor, will receive monthly bonuses during the year.

Recall, that from 27 to 29 August in the New Kakhovka, Kherson region, held All-Ukrainian final competition “Leather Ball – Cup of Coca-Cola” U14 season 2017/2018. Eight best school teams from different regions of Ukraine took part in them, among which are young football players from Krolevets are pupils of Peter Pustovoit. When this tournament was broadcast online via the Internet, almost all Krolevets residents apparently watched it. And holding their breath, worried about their young players. The decisive match between the Secondary school № 2 of the New Kakhovka and the Secondary school № 1 of the Krolevets seemed especially interesting. Both teams fought hard for the desired victory, but failed to make effective strikes. The game score was 0:0. And in the penalty shootout, the goalkeeper of the Krolevets team took two hits from the opponent and our countrymen won with a score of 5-4! About this match newspaper “Krolevetsky Bulletin” reports/ №37 from 09/07/18.