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Congratulations of Andrey Derkach on Easter. Christ is risen!

  • 14.04.2017
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Dear compatriots! Dear brothers and sisters,

Christ is risen!

These words, which we greet each other in bright Easter days, symbolize the victory of life over death, light over darkness, faith over hopelessness. They encourage all believers to feel in a new way in the world, to appreciate the purity of their thoughts and actions, as well as to be kinder, more merciful, and tolerant to each other.

It is obvious that these simple requirements for every Christian are very scanty compared to the sacrifice the Saviour bore to save humankind from sins. However, as the Holy Letter convinces, any good deed done by one person in favor of another is worthy in the eyes of the Lord and in time will certainly be returned to him a hundredfold.

Happy Holidays to you! May the merciful Lord give us strength in faith, health, peace in families and hope for the best.

Best regards,
People’s Deputy
Andrey Derkach