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Congratulations on Teacher’s Day! October 1, 2017

  • 01.10.2017
  • Andrii Derkach official Facebook

Andrii Derkach congratulated the teachers on their professional holiday and supported the teachers of Sumy region.

The MP informed about this in Facebook .

On the eve of the holiday during the trip, Andrii Derkach visited Hlukhov, Krolevets, Yampol and Druzhba. In each town, he met with representatives of teaching staff and discussed urgent problems of the sphere.

The Member of Parliament stressed that the profession of a teacher is extremely important for society and it should be valued:

“For me, the Teacher is a profession with a capital letter.

They are people who bring up every pupil, teach, invest knowledge, and, importantly, educate them morally along with their parents. In the end, when a successful person comes from the child, there is always a great contribution of the Teachers”.