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At the convention of “Nash Kraj” was presented a team for elections

At the convention in Kiev "Nash Kraj" presented the team with which it enters the elections. On it informs the press service of the Party.
  • 05.09.2020
  • Apostrophe, Gordon,, ZIK, NewsOne, Interfax-Ukraine

At the convention in Kiev “Nash Kraj” presented the team with which it enters the elections. On it informs the press service of the Party.

At the convention, a program was presented with which political force will enter local election. The program is called “12 steps for the development of the native land”.

“Nash Kraj” enters the elections to protect and develop our communities, to ensure high living standards for common people. We live and work around people. We know what problems every citizen is concerned about. We know how to solve these problems – and we can solve them, “ – noted the co-chairman of the party “Nash Kraj” – Olexandr Mazurchak.

The party offers 12 important development steps, whereby the development and prosperity of each native land will be achieved.

“Local elections are not about a struggle for power, not about the oligarchs’ search for next servants, not an attempt to find the perpetrators. Local elections – this is a story about their native land, about the opportunity to change the situation in the native region. Each region has natural resources, highly educated specialists, economic potential, and most importantly – our wonderful people”, – pointed out the member of the Political Council of the party, the Member of Parliament – Andrii Derkach.

During the party convention were represented leaders of the local party teams, including many famous people. The party list of “Nash Kraj” in the Kharkiv region will be headed by the famous scientist Volodymyr Semynozhenko.

“I am sure that our professionalism and perseverance can permanently change the fate of Ukrainian science and scientists, education and industry. I proudly decided to head the list of “Nash Kraj” in the Kharkiv region! I am sure that together we will revive the scientific and industrial potential of the Kharkiv region. We will make Kharkiv the capital of Ukrainian science and technology again! “, -pointed out Volodymyr Semynozhenko, leader of the Kharkiv team of “Nash kraj”, academician of the National Academy of Sciences.

The former mayor of the city in Dnipro, Ivan Kulichenko (2000-2014) enters the elections with the party “Nash Kraj”, and in Odessa – Eugen Chervonenko.
Let us recall, according to the results of local elections in 2015, “Nash Kraj” took the third place in the country in terms of the number of elected deputies of local councils.