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The corruption pyramid. What will be the result of the theft of American aid to Ukraine, which is alleged by Giuliani?

In the United States, is occurring an issue of plundering American aid in Ukraine during the presidency of Petro Poroshenko.
  • 07.04.2020
  • Strana.UA

In the United States, is occurring an issue of plundering American aid in Ukraine during the presidency of Petro Poroshenko.

We are talking about 5 billion $, which are “adopted” by the former US ambassador Marie Jovanovic.

Rudolf Giuliani, Trump’s adviser and lawyer, recently issued another revelation on this subject.

Theft of 133 million $ to fight AIDS

Last year in December Rudolf Giuliani on his Twitter said that Donald Trump is seeking an investigation of the misuse of these billions.

Trump’s lawyer commented: “Trump will request an investigation regarding violations of US laws and abuse of hard-earned taxpayer dollars. It is his legal obligation under Article 2, Ch. 3 of the US Constitution, which Obama ignored”.

And in early March, Giuliani said that he had already found evidence of a grand theft – the documents were provided by people’s deputy Andrii Derkach, who interviewed Giuliani before for his “Common Sense” podcast YouTube.

“The Accounts Chamber in Ukraine discovered an alleged abuse of 5.3 billion $ during the Obama’s administration, while Joe Biden was an “inside man.” The Obama’s Embassy had urged the Ukrainian police not to investigate! “, commented Giuliani.

Derkach handed over to Giuliani a folder with 20 cases, which, in his opinion, require a thorough investigation.

One of them concerns the possible theft of 133 million $ allocated by the United States for people with AIDS.

Shabunin-Sherembey scheme

The money were conducted through the All-Ukrainian network of people living with HIV / AIDS, and according to Derkach, the founders of the Anti-Corruption Center, Dmytro Sherembey and his colleague Vitaliy Shabunin, did it. In February, the National Police already opened a case against the Center, which is funded by billionaire George Soros.

“Sherembey and Shabunin built a scheme that was discovered by investigative journalists. This scheme suggested the existence of some kind of anti-corruption organization that would control the distribution of funds to other organizations.

As a result, serious funds which had been allocated to people with AIDS were laundered through the organization. The organization was controlled four times by the convicted Dmytro Sherembey. Vitaliy Shabunin headed the anti-corruption organization and Sherembey was the founder, both were involved in the scheme” Derkach said during interview with Giuliani.

Sherembey is also a member of the Supervisory Board of NABU which is led by Artem Sytnik, whom Rada wants to resign due to corruption, despite pressure from the West.

Derkach noted that 134 million $ were allocated to fictitious companies; some even brought up criminal cases of embezzlement. Part of the amount was laundered and stolen.

“The problem is that Ukrainian citizens and American taxpayers are lying. And my task is to stop this process; to make transparent the procedure of distribution funds and most importantly, make it more effectively. We can’t effectively investigate them by ourselves, that’s why we brought you these 20 cases. Some of the companies are American. A joint international investigation is needed. We need international help, but it must be accepted in a right way” Derkach said.

“As soon as someone tried to investigate this story, Dmytro Sherembey and Vitaliy Shabunin started yelling about the pressure on democracy. Also, the US embassy in Kyiv was included before, but today, thank God, everything is quiet and no one is interfering,” said people’s deputy.

He said that as soon as the investigation on the overpricing of medicines by companies that allocated funds to the All-Ukrainian Network of People Living with HIV / AIDS began, Sherembey and Shabunin immediately began to block the investigation.

Giuliani in response quoted investigators concluding that “Shabunin and Sherembey organized a scheme for embezzlement of funds of international technical assistance to Ukraine, and this is a conspiracy.”

Derkach noted that during the presidency of Petro Poroshenko, such investigations in Ukraine were impossible, as they were related to international technical assistance, and “they were controlled by someone from the US embassy.” The embassy stopped any investigations.

Giuliani asked Derkach : “We know the case when Ambassador Marie Jovanovic told Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko that he should close the case against the ACC. Are there any other similar cases?

“I heard about it. I can’t say if it is true, but the Prosecutors office and the National Police who investigated these cases told reporters that they were not allowed to investigate it,” said Derkach.

Derkach also brought up the examples of suspicious spending of funds by American taxpayers.

So, for example, 36 millions $ were spent on a program to increase the confidence of citizens of Ukraine, 41 millions $ were allocated for the program ‘Competitive economy of Ukraine’ etc. Mostly such contracts were given to dubious American firms.

Derkach explained that stealing money in Ukraine is very convenient, since the theft system is perfectly tuned.

“The system is designed in such a way that contracts are received by organizations which are very close to former employees of USAID, the US government, former or current officials,” said Derkach.

In the Shabunin’s office , Derkach’s statements were called “intentionally false” and were promised to contact law enforcement agencies. Sherembey on his Facebook page said that there were already 12 cases, and all of them are closed. You can read more about this  . in our publication .

From Biden to Jovanovic

In December last year, Giuliani came to Kyiv, where he made a movie about Ukrainian-American corruption.

For Trump, these revelations could be a bargaining chip in the fight against his competitor-democrat Joe Biden, who supervised Ukraine during the time of presidency of Poroshenko.

The “Ukrainian dossier of Giuliani” can hit the entire pyramid of democrats who support Biden.

According to Giuliani’s version, the corruption pyramid looks like this: Soros-Biden, three US ambassadors in Ukraine (Payette, Jovanovic, Taylor), George Kent (former US deputy ambassador in Ukraine, and now a senior State Department official), Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk, Sytnik (head of NABU), as well as Kasko, the former Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine.

“Evidence of corruption by the past Ukrainian government and excessive spending on non-State humanitarian organization can cause a criminal case against Poroshenko and can lead to the end for many grant recipients. In the US, Democrats are accused of using the state apparatus for their own mercenary purposes and of creating a network of NGOs that “protect” corruption, “Giuliani said during interview with “Strana”

William Barr, US Attorney General, said in February that the US Department of Justice will “keep the doors open” for Giuliani and his information about possible violations by the Biden family.

And, according to Western media, there is a high probability of initiating cases on Ukrainegate.

Ruslan Bortnik, political analyst, commented:” This case is very important for Trump, because it proves that under the Democrats for several years the money of American taxpayers did not go to real help to other countries, but they plundered them, “.