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There is a daily bread, and something to go with

Esman celebrated the harvest festival on the Village Day, lumberjacks competed. A festive performance for the all day long was planned in the Esman on August 14.
  • 15.08.2018
  • newspaper "Nedelya"

Esman celebrated the harvest festival on the Village Day, loggers and children competed.

A festive performance was expected to be organized in the Esman village on August 14 during all the day long. Journalists of “Week” saw firsthand how people in the village make the holiday, what a creative approach they have to the organization.

Art platform. The park houses an exhibition of artistic works made by two sisters – Lubov Tubolets and Maria Matsak. Everyone could try to crochet some simple pattern with the help of mistresses of needlework.

”Sichof-honey”. Hiver Vasil Sychev offered and advertised honey, wax and other honey products.

Persistent Cossacks. Roman and Eugen Dzekelev demonstrated their skill to fight on the saber. These assertive Cossacks have already surprised the villagers more than once.

Peace palms Esman people did not forget to mention the fellow villagers who now defend the country in the East: Lyudmila Samus, Andrii Davydenko, Artem Konovalov, Svitlana Holodyon. It was for them that the children made colorful prints of their palms, and then wrote their wishes there. By the way, more than 20 people from Esman have already been to ATO.

On two wheels. Pre-school children and primary-school pupils in vyshyvankas got on bicycles and organized a bike ride.
We will have bread. AGROZEM LLC, which rents the lands in Esman, has successfully completed the early cereal harvest. The company’s director Oleg Bratushchak received an odorous loaf as a symbol of prosperity and a hope of well-being.

With songs and gifts. During the ceremonial part the residents of the village were awarded in various nominations. “The youngest resident” – Alisa Listratenko (several months), “The most adult resident” – 94-year-old Nina Rukhlenko, also fellow villagers congratulated Andrii and Varvara Didenko, who`ve been married for 58 years. The jubilee was the ensemble “Bereginya”, and in the nomination “Nashi” they applauded Alexander Zuiy, he recently received the title of master of sports in military-sports all-around. Larisa Avramenko was titled the “Teacher of the Year”, she took 2nd place in the regional contest. The school team “Characterniky” won the district stage of the military-patriotic game “Jura”. In the region they had taken the third place and on the last weekend they competed at the all-Ukrainian stage of the game, which took place in Lviv. There was also the nomination of “Chistyulya” – the team of the Esman village council, which every Thursday goes to clean the streets.

Playground. Young residents of Esman had the opportunity to have fun on the roller coasters. “Such a gift for our kids was made by People’s Deputy Andrii Derkach, and we are grateful to him for that,” says the Head of the village Viktor Davydenko.

Yummy porridge. For those who are hungry during the celebration, the cooks prepared a delicious cereal and some vodka – so the residence could drink for their native village! People of Esman are generous, so they hosted and treated everyone, as it is supposed to.

On a large screen. Everyone on this day hurried to the village Culture House, where the film was shown at the choice of the audience. “We saved the big screen. Remember how in the 80’s everyone went to the cinema? So we also have such a day in the year,” Mr. Chairman laughs.

Disco with fireworks! The disco began in the evening, and the Village Day ended with a great firework, which was presented to fellow villagers by entrepreneurs Andrii and Vira Savchuk.