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Decided to stand united

In Putivl, more than 30 representatives of Rural, District councils and UTCs announced their intention to fight together against entering the “Seimsky” landscape park.
  • 13.06.2018
  • newspaper "Nedelya"

In Putivl, more than 30 representatives of Rural, District councils and UTCs announced their intention to fight together against entering the “Seimsky” landscape park.

The corresponding memorandum was signed at the general meeting of representatives of the local governments of Putivl, Burin, Konotop and Krolevets districts. This event was held in Putivl, in the meeting hall of the District Council. According to Yevgen Yuzhakov, Chairman of the Putivl District Council, it is almost the first time when a large-scale confrontation arose between the local self-government in Sumy region and the regional council and the administration, who do not want to listen to them.

“The conflict has moved to the court, the case has been under consideration for already 5 months, we are being pressured, but we are ready to endure it all and even reach the international courts to protect our rights”, said the City Mayor Valerii Volkov.

The People’s Deputy Andrii Derkach was the first who signed the memorandum and showed his support to the communities. He stressed that the decision made by the Sumy Region Council about the “Seimsky” park more resembles the interpersonal political competitions than concern for people or nature. He provided many examples when people suffer from an opaque management system: the land is being distributed from Kyiv, the Sumy areas do not have any profit from the oil production, there is almost nothing allocated from the environmental fund.

Everyone is at war for the happiness of the working people, but for some reason the working people themselves still remain unhappy“, he figured out the situation and suggested as one of the options to all representatives of political parties to appeal to their regional deputies with a request to re-vote the decision.

We should recall that despite the decisions of the local governments of four districts on the refusal to include the communal property in the “Seimsky” park, the Regional Council and Regional State Administration continue to move along this path and take corresponding decisions. According to the audience, thereby the region cynically ignores the opinion of the communities, violates the rights of the land owners. The people are afraid to lose their lands.

“Seimsky” is a regional landscape park located in the west of Sumy region, within the territory of four districts: Putivl, Konotop, Krolevets and Burin districts. The 98 000 hectare territory of the park is more than half of the entire territory of the nature reserve fund of the region. The “Seimsky” park was created back in 1995, but there were no inconveniences for people whit it. In October last year the park became a communal enterprise of the Sumy Regional Council, the procedure for its zoning began, there were new laws for 20 years, thus people were horrified to know the prohibition of haymaking, the impossibility of mushroom picking and that hunting is also outlawed, of course. But the main trouble for the countrymen, whose lands entered the park, there are restrictions in the agricultural work and the inability to pass the land shares on.

“It is that case when you do not have to rush, but you have to think it through properly, ask the communities, and do not take people hostage. That is they are protecting insects and bison, but no-one cares about a countryman? “- emotionally shared his thoughts one of the Rural Heads.