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Derkach filed a lawsuit against Groisman

  • 10.10.2017
  • RBC-Ukraine, Interfax-Ukraine, Dankor Online, Sumy Post

The MP of Ukraine Andrii Derkach together with a number of deputies sued the Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman demanding to submit immediately to the Verkhovna Rada a presentation on the appointment of Health Minister. He wrote about this on his Facebook page.

According to Derkach, Groysman has not attempted to appoint a legitimate Minister of Health for a year and a half.

“Together with other MPs, we have sued Volodymyr Groysman. We demand from the Prime Minister to submit immediately a candidacy for the Minister of Health of Ukraine to the Verkhovna Rada”. Apparently, Groysman is the pioneer of the formula, how to appoint a person to one of the key positions in the state without approval of the Verkhovna Rada”, said Derkach.

The MP is sure that the most important sphere, concerning the life and health of Ukrainians, is given to a person with an indefinite status – acting Minister.

“During the time of illegitimate leadership of the Ministry of Health, Suprun made a lot of blunders and prepared a “medical reform” with violation of Ukrainians’ rights, as stipulated by the Constitution. What is the Prime Minister’s reaction? Zero”, notes Derkach.

In addition, as Derkach said, because of the failure of national sectoral programs in Ukraine, there are no vaccines and sera from deadly diseases – against lyssa, botulism, which has already led to the death

The MP added that Groysman also did not react to the fact that in Ukraine the program of purchase of medicines was disrupted for the last three years.

“As a result, hospitals throughout the country received less essential drugs. What is the Prime Minister’s reaction? Zero. It is about injuring the life and health of Ukrainians. Groysman is keeping silent”, Derkach states.

In the opinion of the deputies, the court should recognize the illegal inactivity of the Prime Minister and oblige him to submit immediately a candidacy for the Minister of Health of Ukraine to the Verkhovna Rada. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of the MPs: Andrii Derkach, Yuriy Odarchenko and Valeriy Dubil.