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Derkach urged Groysman to agree on the creation of 6 hospital districts in Sumy region, May 29, 2017

  • 29.05.2017
  • Obozrevatel

The doctors of the region are summoning the Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groysman to support the plan of creating six hospital districts in Sumy region.

The relevant appeal was initiated at the round table on the development of medical services by the MP Andrey Derkach .

According to Derkach, 6 hospital districts should be created in Sumy, not 4.

“In our region there should be 6 districts. If there are no Glukhov and Romny districts, as some representatives of local authorities suggest, a significant part of people will be left without any medical assistance”. From the most remote village to the hospital there will be 100 kilometers. It will be impossible to reach hospital within 60 minutes”, said Andrii Derkach.

Andrii Derkach is convinced that Glukhov, Konotop, Akhtyrka, Romny and Shostka hospital districts should be created in Sumy region.

“I will advocate at the level of the central government the necessity of exactly 6, but not 4 districts”, Derkach said.

The appeal to Groysman was supported by all participants of the round table. The initiative of Andrey Derkach was joined also by the Mayor of Glukhov Michel Tereschenko.

As is known, the hospital district stipulates a functional association of health facilities, provides secondary (specialized) medical assistance to the population of this territory. The hospital district should include at least one multispecialty intensive care hospital of the first and/or second level and other health facilities.