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Districts received money, June 21, 2017

  • 21.06.2017
  • newspaper "Неделя"

The objects that have been included by the Cabinet of Ministers in financing for 2017 have been determined.

The subsidy for social and economic development of individual territories was obtained with the assistance of the MP Andrey Derkach and directed, mostly, to the schools and kindergartens of the district. Therefore, educational institution in Gruzinskoye village in Konotop district has received 512 thousand UAH for overhaul.

In Yampol district, Orlovskiy educational institution will spend half a million on equipment of boilers with alternative fuel, 206 thousand UAH have been directed to the overhaul of the roof of the Center of Children and Youth Creativity, 173 thousand UAH was received by Druzhba School No.2 to replace the windows.

Krolevets district has received additionally about 1.4 million UAH. Money was distributed to the overhaul of the furnace rooms of educational institutions in Bystrik and Loknya villages, overhaul of the roof of the ambulance station in Mutin and purchase of equipment for rural health posts, moreover, some funds were also allocated for the completion of the water pipe in Gruzskoye village.

School №2 named after G.Bazima in Putivl plans to spend 400 thousand UAH for the reconstruction of the building. Overhauls are ready to be made in Chernatskiy educational institution (374 thousand UAH) and Znob-Novgorod House of Culture (312 thousand UAH) in the Seredino-Budskiy district.

In general, 4.3 million UAH have been allocated for replacing windows and winterization of four schools in Glukhov district, i.e. Nekrasovskaya, Esmanskaya, Banichskaya and Ulanovskaya. Makov, Ivot, Korotchenkovo, Mironovka and Obrazheevka villages in Shostka district received about 1.7 million UAH for the reconditioning of roads and street lighting, equipment of school toilet.