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Dreams come true

  • 12.10.2016
  • newspaper "Неделя"

Antiscoliotic desks have been bought in the Shalygin school

“Equipment has not been renovated for many years, of course, it needs to be changed: desks, walls, tables, boards. Parents cannot afford to pay for new furniture or windows. We live in the village, there is no work, and people survive due to farming. In general, sponsors help – Valeriy Pyatigor, Alexander Kremenev, Andrey Derkach”, says Headmaster of Shalygin school Natalia Loshkareva.

The first grade teacher Mazurova Anna said that she had been dreaming that her students sat at modern desks for five years. When she received the certificate and then the furniture, she could not keep her emotions:

“It is necessary for children to study in beautiful classrooms, sitting at comfortable desks. The desks are very good, because they are antiscoliotic, backs are arched, and kids sit properly, one by one. Everyone has private space, no one pushes. We are very grateful that the MP responded to our request and helped us”.

At present only first-graders of Shalygin school sit at new comfortable desks. The rest of the pupils, like most in other city and rural schools, only dream about it.