Andrii Derkach
Member of
Ukrainian Parliament
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Field workers and not only

  • 23.11.2016
  • newspaper "Неделя"

On November 18, people, who by their work provide all of us with bread, gathered in the district house of culture. They are machine operators, combine operators, and farmers. Hardworking people and fruitful soil – it is the most precious wealth, which Ukraine could always be proud of.

The Ukrainian MP A. Derkach came to congratulate the workers of agriculture, to thank them for their hard but such an important activity.

For significant contribution to the development of Glukhov agriculture sector he awarded the directors of: “Veleten” LLC Nadezhda Vaylo, “Glukhov elevator” LLC Alexander Melnik, “Zazhinok” PE Anatoly Gerashchenko, “Lan” PE Sergei Akhromeev. Moreover, some agricultural workers received gratitude from the MP.

Warm words to the heroes of the occasion were addressed by the representatives of district authorities – temporarily acting as the head of the district state administration Vladimir Kartavyi and the head of district council Alexei Tkachenko.

They awarded with letters of appreciation such people as: entrepreneur Alexander Lyulkov from Fotevizh, head of Shalygin veterinary section Alexander Banchukov, head of the farm “Veles” Alexei Paschenko from the village Goreloye, head of the farm “Nadezhda” Mikhail Krasnoschoka from the village Shevchenkovo, General and Acting Directors of “Dobrobut Shevchenkovo 2015” Valeriy Ilchenko and Vadim Stokalskiy, entrepreneurs Mikhail Kurgan from Esmani and Ivan Skripka from Belokopytovo.

After the official part, some musical congratulations for the field workers were sounded from amateurs of the scene.

“Veleten” LLC organized a separate celebration for its employees at the SNAU Institute. Traditionally, the head of enterprise Nadezhda Vaylo summed up the results of the year, awarded the best workers presenting them with cash bonuses.

In almost every village, there was a celebration according to individual scenarios.