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Gift from the deputies, June 28, 2017

  • 28.06.2017
  • newspaper "Неделя"

At the weekend the rest camp “Swallow” was opened solemnly, with sweets and fun.

Trampolines, a virtual reality attraction, a laser tag, plenty of cotton candies , ice cream … Children in the camp “Swallow”, located in Pogorelovka village in Krolevets district, have not seen before such a beginning of a new session!

“Virtual reality attraction I liked most of all. I played it several times. It is wonderful to ride on a roller coaster, the impression that this actually happens. At the same time, guys were playing laser tag all day long. They were hardly called for dinner”, Sofia enthusiastically shares.

Young people could not be torn away from cotton candy. It is clear that it is not always possible to enjoy your favorite delicacies from the heart. Such a fabulous day for children and their parents was arranged by the MPs Andrey Derkach and Igor Molotok. They personally visited the grand opening of the first session this year. Each squad received sports equipment and sweets. Therefore, a good mood for kids and adults was guaranteed. Children, in turn, put on the branded shawls of the camp as a token of gratitude for the emotions they had been given.

The occasion for a hilarious celebration is really special. “Swallow” will work in full force for the first time in many years.

“The camp was greatly transformed”, says Olesya Bogacheva from “Shuher” squard, who has been here for the fifth time. “New beds, comfortable mattresses, yellow-blue curtains. Very patriotic and most of all pleases that there is WI-FI here. In fact, this it is cool”.

Director of the camp Alexander Lomako shares that, apart from furniture and curtains, they repaired showers and installed new boilers, in the past water for bathing was heated on the stokehold. 180 000 hryvnias were allocated from regional budget. The maximum camp capacity is 101 children, the vacation package costs 3.5 thousand hryvnias for 21 days. For certain categories of children it was purchased for district and regional funds. Part of the vouchers were paid by entities and organizations for the children of their employees. There are children at the age of 7 to 18. In addition to games and daily activities, they are brought to the lake. This year there are also changes here: new sand on the beach, all has been painted, the territory has been cleaned.

Our Sofia will go to the camp for the first time, because we heard that repairs have been made here. Recently, everything has just closed in Ukraine, but here we can see opposite trend – “Swallow”, which I have also visited, opens a new breath. This makes me happy. Children need to rest and get strength somewhere. There are a forest and a river near. The scale of the holiday on the occasion of opening was very surprising. Thanks to all organizers, children and parents are delighted”, says Tatyana Yakovina, mother.