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Good deeds

  • 07.03.2017
  • newspaper "Неделя"

Volunteers have given joy with the presents to the pupils of special Shalygino boarding school.

Thanks to the assistance of not indifferent Hlukhov inhabitants, the volunteers have collected 4 037 UAH. With this money, they have bought the necessary stationery, games and gladly handed them to the children. The action called “Give love to children” was organized to the St.Valentine’s Day by the people from the “Hlukhov Youth City Council”.

Fundraising took place near the Pedagogical University. Then every passer-by could join the good deed. It was necessary only to buy a valentine card and write a wish for children. Only a truly kind and sympathetic person can be a volunteer. The moderators of the action have proved to be exactly such persons: Sofiya Mitrova, Lyudmila Nesmashnaya, Evgeniya Miskevich, Snezhana Kuchma, Dmitriy Savchenko, Ekaterina Shevchenko and Angelina Kovaleva.

Gifts for the International Day of Disabled Persons, New Year or Children’s Day – nice but expected tradition. At the same time, it is really cool when children are just given necessary and useful things.

We would like to remind that the holiday #Love Hlukhov for students of the Hlukhov Pedagogical University was organized with the support of the MP Andrey Derkach.