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Horizontal bar on the hundred-meter race, 8 June, 2017

  • 08.06.2017
  • newspaper "Неделя"

The inhabitant of Glukhov district have earned by strength 3.2 thousand hryvnias for little Seraphim.

Glukhov was visited by “Upstream” team, and with the support of the art cafe “Time” they were able to conduct several social projects. The first was the youth program “Adrenaline”, which was held at the School of Arts named after M.Berezovskiy. For three days the youth had an opportunity to discuss the popular topics, namely, alcohol, smoking, premarital relations, abortion, violence. In addition, contests, gifts and a lottery added positive emotions. Special thanks – to the city administration, the culture department and the leadership of the art school.

The second social project was “Horizontal bar-lifesaver”. In the center of the city on the hundred-meter platform there was a horizontal bar and any passerby could earn money for the treatment of Seraphim Ishchenko by own strength. Each pull-up added 1 hryvnia to sponsorship. With the support of entrepreneur Vasiliy Kagantsov, Oleg Lata, Ukrainian MP Andrey Derkach, an entrepreneur from Transcarpathia, shops “1000 pigs little things ” and “Auto Parts”, as well as the residents of Glukhov who not only pulled themselves up for the sake of the girl, but also made contributions themselves – 3 244 UAH were collected for Seraphim’s treatment. Big thanks to everyone who participated and supported!

In addition, the last event was a meeting in the art cafe “Time” with contests, games and fun conversation. There is a desire not to stop there and continue to do other charitable projects for the city, but with the help of local citizens.