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Hospital district is needed, May 31, 2017

  • 31.05.2017
  • newspaper "Неделя"

Deputies, local authorities and doctors are asking the Government to create 6 hospital districts in Sumy region, including in Glukhov.

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It was discussed, in particular, at a roundtable meeting that was held on the initiative of the MP Andrey Derkach last week in Glukhov. Heads of regional state administrations and chairmen of district councils of all northern districts of Sumy region, mayors and heads of the created united communities, representatives of Sumy State Health Department, chief doctors of regional and district hospitals took part in the forum.

We would remind that the creation of Glukhov hospital district has been advocated for more than a year at all levels, but there is no final result. The hospital district, which includes Glukhov, Krolevets and Putivl districts, should serve almost 123 000 inhabitants. In case of its establishment, district CDHs will turn into multi-specialized institutions, in the district there will be a diagnostic center, hospice. The most important thing – medical care will be available in the truest sense of the world.

“If there are no Glukhov and Romny districts, as some offer, a significant part of people will remain without any medical assistance. There will be 100 kilometers to the hospital from the most remote settlement. This distance cannot be reached within 60 minutes”, said Andrey Derkach, stressing that he will advocate the creation of exactly 6, not 4 districts.

All participants of the round table on the issues of medical reform voted to sign a collective appeal to the Prime Minister of Ukraine V. Groysman. The initiative of Andrey Derkach was joined also by the Mayor of Glukhov Michel Tereschenko.

Among the arguments “for” the hospital district, there were such arguments as overextension of the region for 330 km, small population density compared to other regions, state border with Russian Federation and considerable remoteness of the villages from the CDH. According to the Head of the Regional Health Department Sergey Butenko, it is reasonable to have 6 districts in Sumy.

Medicine, unfortunately, today has become a hostage of total lack of money in the state: most programs are not funded, hospitals do not receive adequate support and scientific research is not conducted. Therefore, Andrey’s Derkach Charitable Foundation “Our Future” funded two programs, i.e. “Women’s Health” and “Children’s Orthopedist”, the results of which were summed up at the meeting. For example, about 15 500 children were examined by orthopedists to determine orthopedic abnormalities, meanwhile oncologists-mammologists consulted 1150 women of Glukhov, Yampol, Putivl, Krolvets, Seredino-Budskiy, Konotop and Shostka districts. The statements on issues were made by the Head of the non-governmental programs, a specialist of the National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education named after P.Shupika of Healthcare Ministry of Ukraine, Ph.D., Pediatrician, high level certificate Traumatologist-Orthopedist, Associate Professor Valeriya Gorelik and Chief Scientist of Radio-Induced Cancer Diseases Department of the Institute of Clinical Radiology of the “National Research Center for Radiation Medicine of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine”, Professor Sergey Bugaytsov.

Doctor-cardiosurgeon, professor, associate Member of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Director of the Heart Institute of the Healthcare Ministry of Ukraine Boris Todurov expressed his readiness to join the programs and with modern equipment examine residents of the district in order to identify as early as possible cardiovascular diseases, from which the most of people die.