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In the Sumy Regional Council “Servant of the People” with “European Solidarity” created a coalition to cut the region, – Derkach

The factions of "European Solidarity", "Servants of the People" and “Opposition Platform — For Life” created a coalition in the Sumy Regional Council . About this in his telegrams -channel said MP AndriI Derkach.
  • 28.05.2021
  • Focus, KP, Korrespondent, Apostrophe, newspaper "Неделя"

The factions of “European Solidarity”, “Servants of the People” and “Opposition Platform — For Life” created a coalition in the Sumy Regional Council . About this in his telegrams -channel said MP AndriI Derkach.

“In the regional council of Sumy region, three factions: the ES, Servant of the People and the OPZZh have created a coalition organized criminal group to cut the region. In 12 hours they convened a session. In a few hours they seized the budget commission and added another deputy of the regional council from the EU,” Derkach writes.

According to the People’s Deputy, before that, “artillery preparation” was carried out to seize power in the region. As an example, Derkach names new personnel appointments in the Sumy regional council, when the chairman of the Sumy regional council from the “Servant of the people” Viktor Fedorchenko appointed Igor Shevel as the Head of the department for managing communal property of the regional council.

” Shevel is the right person. According to open sources, Shevel was previously convicted of violent crimes and was convicted in 2001 under Article 104 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (as amended in 1960) and serves as a member of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine honorary order of thief-in-law Lera Sumsky, – notes Andrii Derkach.

Derkach also talks about the role of Vladislav Bukharev, an informal regional curator from the Servant of the People, a former people’s deputy from Sumy oblast, in the above-mentioned processes.

“The decisive role in these processes is played by the informal regional curator from the Servant of the People, the former people ‘s deputy from Sumy region , General Vladislav Bukharev, on whose chest, among other insignia, the order of the FSB flaunts. Hence the question to Comrade General, whether the order of the FSB is shaking his chest, when his protege Fedorchenko actually transferred the management of communal property to criminal elements. In addition, now he is busy with the next appointment of a new governor, because the former, also his protege, did not bring. Or did not put. In the common fund, I mean.

Derkach writes that today, in view of the fact that the Head of the regional council Fedorchenko is completely controlled by criminals and an intriguing general, everything goes to the fact that the regional council will turn into a crime boss meeting, and its decisions – into concepts for cutting the budget.

To prevent this, Derkach called on all deputies who have a conscience and have no masters except voters to unite on the basis of the concept of the development of the Sumy region. To unite around several principles: to enable the community of Sumy oblast to manage the subsoil and forests, to terminate the lease agreement of the Sumy CHPP with the Sumyteploenergo LLC and establish control of the community over the medical sector.

“I am sure that the coalition of the bulk of Sumy region will be more effective than the coalition of thieves-in-law and intriguing retired generals,” Derkach summed up.