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It is difficult, but can be solved, January 4, 2017

  • 04.01.2017
  • newspaper "Неделя"

There is a struggle for the establishment of hospital district with its center in Glukhov.

On the eve of holidays, the MP Andrey Derkach has sent an appeal to the Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman with a request to take into account the proposals and arguments concerning the determination of Glukhov as the center of hospital district and a new district.

According to him, it is difficult, but can be solved.

“During two weeks the representatives of the Sumy regional administration have been trying to convince the Cabinet of Ministers and all European experimentalists in the need to create six hospital districts in Sumy region, one of which shall be in Glukhov.

We have held a joint meeting with the Vice Prime Minister Gennadiy Zubko, analyzed the situation regarding the administrative reform as well as hospital districts of Sumy region.

We have worked out a joint position with the Governor of Sumy region N. Klochko, a new Head of the Regional Council Mr. Tokar and Head of the Regional Health Administration with the participation of the regional council deputies of different fractions. As a result, we have prepared an appeal to the Prime Minister of Ukraine V. Groysman and will follow up the progress of preparation of the CMU Decree on the issue. This is important since further administrative reform with strengthening will be possible to carry out basing on the formed hospital districts.

Our goal is to save Glukhov as a decent economic and cultural center”, A.Derkach writes in the social network.

Let us remind that a couple of weeks ago the deputies of Glukhov district and town councils had adopted a general statement, under which more than 15 thousand signatures were collected. People are categorically opposed to divide Gluhovschina between Shostka and Konotop. One of the main “trump cards” besides the historical and cultural values of the town, is the ability to reach Glukhov from all directions of the district (it is assumed that it will be Glukhov and Putivl districts) for the so-called 60 golden minutes.

The Ministry of Health shall submit to the CMU a draft of regulatory legal act concerning the list of hospital districts in Ukraine by February 1, 2017.