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Young people were celebrating the Valentine's Day at the central square of the Hlukhiv National Oleksandr Dovzhenko Pedagogical University.
  • 22.02.2018
  • newspaper "Nedelya"

Open-Air Disco, Rides, 3D Shoot, Fire Show, Two iPhones and More…

Young people were celebrating the Valentine’s Day at the central square of the Hlukhiv National Oleksandr Dovzhenko Pedagogical University.

There were mounted the stage, set the rides, organized the photo zone, where you can instantly get two copies of photographs. They even arranged the kissing seat. Inside the university bilding there was a photo studio, where everyone could make a 3D photo using special equipment.

The photos of the holiday can be seen on the page “Love lives in Hlukhiv” in Facebook and by the link:

As part of the holiday, Anton Sereda and Anton Dovlatov, the TV hosts of the morning show “Good morning, country!” (UA:Perviy) gave a motivational lecture on achieving success in journalism to the students. The lecture was called “Say YES!”

In the entertainment evening there was a place for charity. The volunteer students fund-raised UAH 3135 for Maria Kudoiar, a little girl from Hlukhiv, who has a cancer.

The concert program began at 18:00. Valentin Tkach, the soloist of the group “30.02” and showman Dj DAVAJ entertained the citizens of Hlukhiv. An inspiring dance atmosphere was created by the “Heart beat” band and the cover band “Debosh”. When these bands played, everyone danced completely free!

Everyone learned the central intrigue at 21.00 when the results of the photo contest #lovehlukhiv2018 were tallied. The lucky ones who received two iPhone 6 were Ekaterina Dzekeleva and Vitaliy Shramchenko; Ekaterina Kolobashkin and Anton Tsyganok will go to the concert of the “Vremya i Steklo” band; and a romantic dinner in the restaurant awaits Alena Koritko and Alexander Gulenko. By the way, 393 people took part in the giveaway.

– I had some hunch. Fifty-fifty, we believed that we would win. But of course, that come as a big surprise for us”, says Ekaterina Dzekeleva, the winner of the first prize.

Then all comers enjoyed a new pixel-show from the Kyiv fire theater. And the most frost resistant people of Hlukhiv could even partake of a large 33-pound heart-cake.

A bright holiday of all lovers is held for the second time in Hlukhiv. A year ago the concept of the day of all lovers was created by the NGO “Hlukhiv Youth Council”. The young people appealed for support to People’s Deputy Andrii Derkach and, consequently, the professional Kyiv artists and bands entertain Hlukhiv citizens for the second year.

“For the second year in a row we support the initiative of creative youth from the Hlukhiv Pedagogical University”, People’s Deputy Andrii Derkach writes on Facebook. – A year ago they wrote that they wanted to organize the holiday “Love lives in Hlukhiv” and asked me for assistance. Of course, I could not say “no”.