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Monatik, summer and politics

There were many good jokes in Hlukhiv and Yampil at the first All-Ukrainian festival of children's and youth KVN teams.
  • 05.07.2018
  • newspaper "Nedelya"

There were many good jokes in Hlukhiv and Yampil at the first All-Ukrainian festival of children’s and youth KVN teams [translator’s note: KVN is “Club of the Funny and Inventive People”].

“The North does not differ from the West… Well, except that we, in Volhynia, all go on evroblyahi,” [t/n: evroblyahi are so called cars with European registration imported through the customs posts to Ukraine without proper customs clearance] – such adult jokes were flying fast and furious from children during the KVN event. The premiere of the All-Ukrainian festival “Usmishka Polissya” [t/n: Smile of Polissya] took place in two cities (Hlukhiv and Yampil) due to the several victories of the children’s KVN team “Harni dity” from Yampil. The first part was held in the home city of the winners. And since there are no facilities for welcoming and hosting participants in Yampil, the second stage was organized in Hlukhiv, where the most inventive young people stayed.

Pupils and students from Ternopil region, Volhynia, Poltava, Sumy region, Cherkasy region kept an audience of the regional cultural center in a furious drive for almost 3 hours. They joked about everything: sunbathing with rakes, fitness with pickaxes, Monatik, summer camp, love, betrayal, politics, but most of all – about their unforgettable way to Hlukhiv.

In total, seven teams took part in the contest: Narashvat [t/n: In high demand] (Sumy), Kotletki mladshie [t/n: Cutlets the younger] (Sumy), Dorosli dity [t/n: Adult children] (Chernobay, Cherkasy region), Bonjour (Shishaky village, Poltava region), Cadry veseloho narodu [t/n: Pool of funny people] (Ternopil), Drive (Zgorany village, Volhynia region), Harni dity [t/n: Good kids] (Yampil).

The participants showed their sense of humor to the audience while the “business card” performance, exhibited wits during the “warm-up” and performed their “homework” perfectly. According to the results, the Bonjour team took the grand prix, Dorosli dity won the first place, Harni dity took the second, Drive team got the third. By the way, the winners were granted with the unique bespoke cups.

We could not help asking the president of the Association of KVN of Ukraine, Mikhaylo Agranat, who has been holding similar festivals in different parts of the country for ten years, why they decided to keep the title and format of the game known since the Soviet times.
– Our “KVN” is a Club of the Funny and Inventive People. Now various other similar humor shows are popularized on the TV. But mostly, they are aimed to hype the jury-TV stars. So far, there is no better available format. Only here the stars are children themselves, their creativity and talents are at the center of attention. This format must be preserved and maintained”, he commented.

The Association wanted to gather the creative youth of Polissya for a long time. A similar festival was held annually in the Zatoka, recently was in Lubny. But, according to Mikhaylo Agranat, everything depends on the lack of funding for such events.

“Only due to the support of People’s Deputy Andrii Derkach our idea was realized, and today Yampil and Hlukhiv became the humor centers”, he said. – The young people were given the opportunity to travel, develop and create”.

Almost everybody has joined the organization of the holiday: the regional state administration, the director of the district cultural center, Oleksandr Lanin, the Sydir Kovpak Glukhiv Agrotechnical Institute of Sumy NAU and the Oleksandr Dovzhenko Hlukhiv National Pedagogical University, which welcomed and hosted the children from different parts of Ukraine. But the city authorities remained outside the nationwide event and completely ignored the festival.

– It was difficult to manage, organize all the people, because here is the summer and we have children from five different districts. There was almost 10 hours long way to Hlukhiv, but here we have got a lot of emotions. Thanks to the organizers, we were given a top-class service, comfortable accommodations, delicious lunches, – Zoya Semididko, Coach of the Bonjour team and Deputy Director of Shishatsky regional boarding-school for gifted children shares her opinion. – Hlukhiv is a city with a special ambience. It seemed to me I was in St. Petersburg, when we sat outside at your boulevard in the evening.

The festival was hosted by the main presenter of the KVN Ukraine Association, Andrii Kupchin, and Olena Cherkashenko, winner of the Golden Microphone at the festival “Zhart-Ptytsya 2017″ [t/n: The Joke-Bird 2017]. The jury evidenced the high level of the event. There were Valentin Skorik, Head of the organizational and mass work department of the Sumy CTDTY, Inna Kikhtenko, methodologist of the PYE resource center in Sumy region, Tamila Butko and Victoria Sinkevich, the leading actresses of the TV team “Girls from Zhytomyr”, Professor Mikhaylo Agranat, President of the KVN Association Ukraine.

– We are amazed – there are very talented young teams. Usually, all-Ukrainian events are rarely held in such small cities, because of financial and organizational difficulties. But your countrymen are brave people, because they have a dream, financial support of the Deputy and therefore created a cool festival, – Victoria Sinkevich, the actress of the team “Girls from Zhytomyr”, shared her impressions.

By the way, the girls from Zhytomyr made a surprise to the audience and presented an incredible performance. Since the time of the event just coincided with the graduation festivities in the city and with the performance of the circus, the Hlukhiv hall was not as crowded as Yampil one.
In social networks, the festival was actively discussed: “Dear friends, can you really forgive yourself that you missed the All-Ukrainian Festival of KVN-teams “Usmishka Polissya” in our city? It is impossible to believe that such a high level festival was held in Hlukhiv!!! The teams from Ternopil, Sumy, Yampil, Chernobay, etc! It was unforgettable and fun!!!” – Svitlana Maksymchuk-Makarenko from Hlukhiv wrote.
And, indeed, many people regretted that they did not come to this action, so let’s hope this is only a beginning of the new All-Ukrainian Festival of children’s and youth KVN teams “Usmishka Polissya”.