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“My angel, be with me”

On the eve of St. Nicholas's memory day, People’s Deputy Andrii Derkach visited the Putivl and Shalygine boarding schools.
  • 23.12.2019
  • newspaper "Nedelya"

The most important day of the year: all children are waiting for gifts from St. Nicholas, and adults become his assistants.

These days, all children are waiting for the gifts, because they think they have been polite throughout the year. Nobody wants to get a rod instead of sweets! The primary task for adults is to make happy every child.

On the eve of St. Nicholas’s memory day, People’s Deputy Andrii Derkach, along with deputies of the regional council Oleg Boyarintsev, Mykola Ilchenko, chairman of the Hlukhiv district council Olexiy Tkachenko, and other assistants visited the Putivl specialized art boarding school and the Shalygine special boarding school for children with developmental disorders.

In Putivl, the students prepared a play, the main leitmotif of which was the words to their guardian angel:
My angel,
Be with me
Morning and evening,
Day and night
And help me.

Whatever happened to the heroes of the tale, through this prayer everything terrible went away and nothing bad happened.

– Dear kids, remember these words, turn to your angel more often, and everything will be fine! – Andrii Derkach praised the kids for their effort, perseverance and talents.

But in Shalygine, students unexpectedly arranged for the deputy a real press conference. Local correspondents asked about everything: and about how he dabbled in school, when he first traveled abroad, if he remembers his first visit to their boarding school.

“I remember it was in the mid-90s. I still can’t forget that then pupils did not have a single toy. We brought new boots, and after some children were sleeping with them,”- the guest replied.

As always, he found an opportunity to bring fruits, sweets, books, a sled and several boxes of toys to the boarding school.

It should be reminded that, like every year, children from various socially vulnerable categories, for example, large families and low-income families received congratulations from People’s deputy Andrii Derkach for the New Year and Christmas holidays.