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New bus service

The bus purchased by clubbing made its first run from Kniazhychi to Hlukhiv through Yampil.
  • 31.07.2018
  • newspaper "Nedelya"

The bus purchased by clubbing made its first run from Kniazhychi to Hlukhiv through Yampil.

On Monday, August [July -?] 30, a bus from the village of Kniazhychi, Yampil district, arrived for the first time to the bus station “Hlukhiv”.

We were not so happy, perhaps, about Gagarin`s flight into space, like about this bus trip. It seems like we escaped from captivity! Imagine that for more than two years we could not go from the village to Yampil, took a taxi, when having an urge“, 45 years old Valentina shares her joy after taking the opportunity to visit her sister in Hlukhiv.

The Head of the Kniazhychi village Serhii Kuzmenko accompanied the driver and passengers on the first bus trip personally. He says that there were seven passengers from their village, along the road from Svesa to Yampil the bus had already been full with 28 people, part of them joined on their way to Hlukhiv. The blue and white “Etalon” was purchased in April for common funds from the state budget for social development, the Yampil District Council, Kniazhychi and Mikitivka partly joined as well. However, the bus was just standing for three months; as it turned out, it is not so easy to legalize the bus route.

We needed these months to establish a municipal company, issue a license, register the bus, draft a route map and other necessary documents. We had to apply to a law firm, which advised us, since only documents for licenses were amended five times, – Sergey Kuzmenko shares their experience. – But these were enjoyable worries. The point is, now people will be able to reach the regional center, and students, for example, to go for study to Hlukhiv. We tried to choose the right time so that it was convenient to go to Kharkiv, Sumy, Shostka. We are much obliged for the support of People’s Deputy Andrii Derkach, who assisted us to translate our commitment into reality, through joint efforts to break free from the transport blockade, in which we found ourselves..

We would like to remind, this bus route was long-awaited for the local residents. After all, because of poor road coverage, all bus carriers refused to let their vehicles to Kniazhychi, they say, the repair cost was higher than income. According to Serhii Kuzmenko, for two years the villagers were simply cut off from the world. First, the bus Kniazhychi-Shostka, then a semi-legal minibus to Yampil, but then the transportations stopped altogether. Although the roads were patched up a bit, there was still no one wishing to take the route. There was an alternative to buy our own bus. They appealed to the People’s Deputy from the constituency Andrii Derkach with such an incredible idea to ask him for help in allocating funds from the state budget. In April 2018, after a long process of approval and bidding on the “Prozorro”, the bus arrived in Kniazhychi. It costs UAH 1 300 000, UAH 890 000 of which came from the state for social and economic development.

The bus trip is scheduled daily, except Tuesday. The bus leaves Kniazhychi at 6:15, and the return run from Hlukhiv is at 14:00.