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New NSDC sanctions: Burisma and KROLL. For what a record bribe in the history of Europe was given

New NSDC sanctions: Burisma and KROLL. For what a record bribe in the history of Europe was given
  • 08.04.2021
  • Andrii Derkach telegram-channel

Some Ukrainians are the most influential people in the world.


Because one of our citizens was able to afford to hire:

– the son of the former Vice-President, and today the US President Biden, for political protection;

– brother of UK former Prime Minister Cameron as a lawyer,

– and the General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine (during the time of Vitaly Kasko) for protection and evasion from prison.


And also carelessly double-cross the United Kingdom Serious Fraud Office and all the sirs from the British Central Court. At the same time, handing out record bribes in the history of Europe and not being prosecuted for this.

This is a billion-dollar story in which the main bad guy can now again emerge victoriously, and the Ukrainians, traditionally, are the generous payers.


What is the essence of the billion-dollar story?

Investigative journalists handed me documents that shed light on the story of the bribe to NABU by the representatives of Burisma Company for the closure of the criminal case against Mykola Zlochevsky.

Let me remind you that the bribe was $6 million, which the representative of Zlochevsky – Kicha brought in his own hands in May 2020 to NABU officers in a large checkered bag.

The documents I received show how Ukraine’s law enforcement system, soaked through with corruption, helped steal hundreds of millions of hryvnias from Ukrainian citizens while ruining Ukraine’s relations with UK law enforcement agencies for several years in 2014.

So, in 2013, 800 million hryvnias were stolen from Ukrainians. How? The NBU illegally issued refinancing to Kurchenko’s RealBank to pay Zlochevsky for the Kherson Oil Transshipment Complex. Zlochevsky’s man – Kicha, through a simple scheme, siphoned off this money to a Cypriot offshore. And then, in order to launder the money, he turned to the British BNP Paribas and deposited funds into the accounts of Burisma.

The British, accustomed to checking the origin of funds, became tensed and asked the question, where did the Minister get such money? Let me remind you, there was $35 million in question.

Since some of our ministers are considered medieval corrupt officials in the civilized world, they have no trust there. Zlochevsky knew this and therefore hired the world-renowned company KROLL Associates UK LTD to whiten the money and create the legend of its origin. For this service, KROLL received more than $300,000 from Burisma through shell companies.

Let me remind you that KROLL Associates UK LTD is one of the largest companies specializing in risk assessment, corporate investigations and security, which has its paramilitary units and contractors to “resolve” issues outside the legal plane.

For Zlochevsky’s money, the company acted as a guarantor of the “cleanness” of the stolen $35 million and convinced the UK bank to place funds at least in short-term accounts. It was promising that the money will not stay deposited for long and will be transferred after that.

Everything would be ok, but the UK anti-fraud authorities noticed such a considerable amount.

At the beginning of 2014, the Serious Fraud Office of the United Kingdom saw a corruption component in the origin of the funds of Burisma and Zlochevsky and went to court. The UK court agreed with colleagues and blocked Burisma’s accounts.

As it turned out, these $35 million are exactly the funds stolen in 2013 with the help of the NBU. And because of it, Kicha attempted to give a bribe of $6 million in May 2020 and must now stand trial. Greetings to former Prosecutor General Riaboshapka, who stated that the case against Burisma does not exist.

In theory, the funds were to be returned to the budget of Ukraine. To investigate the case, UK law enforcement officers turned to our Prosecutor General’s Office, to the Deputy Head of the PGO for International Affairs Vitaly Kasko, who had previously worked in a law firm serving the interests of Kurchenko. And this is where it all started.

The PGO ignored the requests of the UK authorities. Moreover, the PGO replied that Zlochevsky was a crystal clear person, and our law enforcement officers did not understand at all what caused such a suspicious attitude towards Ukrainian ministers.

The British continued to send inquiries. Our officers continued to ignore them. As a result, the British could not stand it and wrote a letter to the PGO, in which they said that the UK court had removed the arrest from the accounts of Burisma because in the London court Andrii Kicha and the invited witness gave false testimony about the source of the money of Mykola Zlochevsky, KROLL at that moment continued to serve the interests of Burisma, and the Ukrainian side did not provide any documents at the request of the British.

By the way, Burisma hired Alexander Cameron, the brother of British Prime Minister David Cameron at that time, as their lawyer in the $35 million case. Burisma was defended in court. KROLL and Cameron solved the problem. The money was siphoned off.

Here is a quote from a letter by a representative of the Serious Fraud Office of the United Kingdom to a representative of the Asset Recovery Department of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine:

“The UK Court will be aware that in the past, the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office has avoided providing the SFO with confirmation of basic information, while the representatives of Mr Zlochevsky were provided with immediate replies. The letter from the legal representative of Zlochevsky was replied the next day after receiving the letter.

The international request from the United Kingdom was replied seven days after the request was received. The Prosecutor General’s Office understood the urgency of the request, which was extremely important in confirming the further arrest of Zlochevsky in the UK.”


What in the end?

$35 million stolen from Ukrainians were siphoned off from the UK by representatives of Zlochevsky. The PGO was properly thanked as well as KROLL. Burisma paid for everything from the same accounts from which it paid the salaries to the Bidens. We also have the largest documented cash bribe in Europe – 6 million for the closure of a case in which the entire above story is described and which, according to Soros’s ally Riaboshapka, does not exist. 

What do we, Ukrainian citizens, and I – as an MP of Ukraine – demand from the NSDC?

Considering that the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine has begun the procedure for imposing sanctions against companies that operate in the oil and gas sector, including those that belonged to the former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, I suggest the following:

To introduce sanctions against foreign gas producing companies that use funds received from the extraction of subsoil – the property of the People of Ukraine – not in the public’s interests, as provided for in Art. 13 of the Constitution of Ukraine, but in their own international corruption schemes.

Since the NSDC today interprets the Constitution and laws in its own way, abolishing the judicial system, we propose to include in the sanctions list the company of the former Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources Mykola Zlochevsky – Burisma, the CEO of Burisma – the citizen of the Russian Federation Vadim Pozharsky, for a more effective and truthful resolution of the issue of redistribution of property, as well as their service company KROLL Associates UK LTD.

Or maybe they do not have the guts to do it?