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  • 23.11.2016
  • newspaper "Неделя"

Students’ Day was celebrated en masse in Glukhov

In Glukhov, about five thousand students of different educational institutions celebrate this holiday. The Pedagogical University, medical school, Agricultural Institute, college and higher vocational school remain a source of eternal youth for a small town. Within the walls of these institutions fresh ideas arise, scientists appear, talented people reveal their potential, friendships for the whole life originate and much more… In short, after pensioners, students in Glukhov are in the first place by mass character.



The entertainment platform with an open ending was prepared to the International Students’ Day in Dovzhenko National Pedagogical University of Glukhov. The day before the “X” time a competition among the newcomers – “Well, freshman!” was held. Students tried to reveal themselves to the fullest. Leaving intrigue, the jury did not name immediately a winner. The names of the new stars of the University were announced next day at the traditional awards ceremony “Student of the Year”. In each of 10 nominations, the most active volunteers, athletes, speakers, leaders and people of science and culture were discovered.

In the competition, the Grand Prix for the first time was awarded. The winner of the highest award became beatboxer Alexei Korolev.


That day the management of the medical school changed dramatically. Students transformed into teachers and occupied management positions. Meanwhile, real teachers congratulated young people with colored balloons and warm wishes directly in the lobby.

It turns out that doctors may be associated with not only injections, pills and mustard plasters. They are creative people. For example, first-year students presented an exhibition of own handmade products. There were a lot of songs and dances. The main trophy – the Cup of the Director got Tatiana Marinchenko by open voting of student government. The words of gratitude for activity were directed to the scholarship holder Anastasia Zubrilina and activist, volunteer and group president Maria Nikitenko. She, by the way, recently went with a charity mission to Avdeevka.


In the Agricultural Institute celebration lasted until the night. It took place in a rather unusual but very symbolic place for students – at the library. That day was plenty of songs, dances, writing and reading poems. During the contest, they made a mental note of knowledge, hit the books, even earned for an increased scholarship. The evening was finished with mental gatherings while watching the movie “Operation Y and Shurik’s Other Adventures”.


In the evening, the MP Andriy Derkach came to two campuses of the Pedagogical University to congratulate students with cakes.

“Can you imagine how we were surprised to see the MP Andriy Derkach in our block! We thought that he dealt only with cool men in the Parliament; however, he joked with us and asked about the problems”, Dmitry shares his impressions.

“The MP gave us ten volleyball and basketball balls, net. He said that he would help us with ski equipment. Nowadays it is very important for us, because students, who study physical education, should be supported. They are very good fellows: two winners of the Biathlon World Championships and Powerlifting, medalist of European championship in boxing, 11 Ukrainian champions in various sports, a member of the national team”, says the director of PEC GNPU Alexander Rebchenko.


In the evening, students from different educational institutions came together on the dance floors of nightclubs. That day bars literally turned into a steam room. At the entrance, it was necessary to hand out birch switches and bathing cap! In one of the clubs, students vowed chorally to give up on classes, sleep soundly and do not worry. Well, of course they were joking! :)


Author: Marina Mekeda