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Only few people celebrated the Victory Day in the Yampol region, but it was sincerely more than ever!

Today in Yampol region took place celebrations on the occasion of the Victory Day over Nazism in World War II.
  • 09.05.2020
  • Pivnich News

Today in Yampol region took place celebrations on the occasion of the Victory Day over Nazism in World War II.

Due to the quarantine, events in each locality of the district were not crowded. In Druzhba, Svessa, Paliivtsi, Orlovka, Marchikhinobud, the participants of the hostilities during the World War II were presented with gifts from Member of Parliament Andrii Derkach.


Workers of the Yampol District Council and the district state administration were the first ones who came to honor to the Memorial to the fallen Yampol citizens during the World War II. The chairman of the Yampol district council, Olga Gubar, together with the acting chairman of the municipal administration, Irina Kalyuzhna, had placed flowers at the foot of the Memorial and honored the memory of the heroes with a minute of silence.


The chairman of the Druzhba community, Evgen Kharitonov, the deputy of the city council, Alexiy Kotlyarov, laid flowers at the monument to the soldiers of the Great Patriotic War.

In Druzhba 5 participants of the operations of the Second World War are still alive:

Egor Vorobiev, Ivan Karpenko, Egor Lyudkevich, Olexander Molyavko and Andrii Raskosov. It is safe to say that this is the largest number of veterans in the region in terms of number of combat personnel.

And each of them was visited by the city council chairman Evgen Kharitonov, with gifts from the Member of Parliament Andrii Derkach, and the deputy of the City Council, Alexiy Kotlyarov.

Participants of amateur performances of the Chuikivsk rural club greeted the old soldiers with songs of youth of the heroes of the Holiday, songs of the war years.

The city council chairman Evgen Kharitonov bowed deeply to the honorary residents of the community and expressed the words of gratitude from all the friends to the soldiers.


People began to gather at the porches as soon as the accordion player began to play under the windows of the Svesa’s high-rise buildings; the songs were from the time of the Great Patriotic War, performed by amateur actors of the Yampol Regional Cultural Action Centre (CRAC).

And the order-bearer, a participant in the hostilities Olexander Lyamin, went out onto the porch. The Chairman of the District Council, Olga Gubar, congratulated the veteran on the holy day, wished him good health and handed to Olexander Pavlovych a gift from the Member of Parliament Andrii Derkach.

Resident of Svesa, Stepan Nechiporenko, participated in the battles for Kiev. Now the whole friendly fa,ily taking care of him. Stepan Petrovych was also presented with gifts and songs.