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People’s Deputy Andrii Derkach visited Krolevets

Today, on November 17, the people's deputy addressed the deputies of Krolevets District Council, who held the regular session.
  • 17.11.2017
  • 05453 Krolevets website

Today, on November 17, the people’s deputy addressed the deputies of Krolevets District Council, who held the regular session.

He outlined his categorical position regarding the allocation of funds for salaries to doctors and teachers from local budgets, when they should be covered by a subvention from the state budget. In his opinion, community funds should be better directed to the development of the territories.

“I am strongly opposed to the decentralization reform, because it has not given us anything good and our live has not been improved, and money has not increased. I do not support either medical, or educational reforms or land sales. Pension reform will also demonstrate negative effect very soon, since civil servants are already dissatisfied. Nevertheless, we have to do our work. In addition, my request to all those present as from the MP, and as from a citizen: put aside all political contradictions, we should negotiate among ourselves and develop the territories”, said Andrii Derkach.

Those present at the meeting addressed to the MP with their questions, related to the adopted laws, subventions from the state budget, social protection of the population, medicine, education and many other urgent issues.

After a long conversation in the assembly hall of the district council, the MP came to the agrarians of the district for the holiday. He congratulated them on the Day of Agriculture and presented the Gratitude to the best representatives of the industry. The leaders of the district and the city joined to the words of gratitude to the workers of the agricultural sphere. They presented the workers with the diploma of the district council and honours from the department of agro-industrial development and administration of the region.

“The annual growth rates of gross agricultural production in Krolevets district are impressive. This is a good example for other sectors of the economy”, said the MP </ blockquote>.