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Why Petro Oleksiyovych will look good in orange uniform

Почему Петру Алексеевичу будет к лицу оранжевая униформа
  • 29.05.2020
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Hello Petro Oleksiyovych. I admire your English with elements of the Vinnytsia Drama Theater. But I would advise you to get a new wardrobe. I know that your style is ever-changing.

You used to wear bright red colors. Similar to those on the flag of the Social Democratic Party of Ukraine (united). Then you liked blue and white. I do not blame you, it was a trend. And you are a noble political man of fashion. But then fashion changed, and orange became your favorite color. And I want to dwell on how the English language and the orange color will help you in the future.

Your English is enough to know the meaning of the words “crime”, “corruption” and “guilty”. And when you talk to the representatives of the US Department of Justice, I recommend starting each sentence with one of these words.

And after that:

  • Tell them where you spent $1 billion for which you traded Shokin’s resignation. After all, it could not all been spent on vacation to the Maldives, or blind trusts in Panama.
  • Tell them why by your behest the Prosecutor General’s Office was controlled through the deputy assigned to the Prosecutor General and “the watcher” from Biden.
  • Why most parliamentary factions were guided by Biden.
  • Why did you place the Cabinet of Ministers under Biden’s control.
  • Why Naftogaz, Ukrzaliznytsia, Ukrposhta, OschadBank (and other state-owned banks), Ukroboronprom were swarmed all over by the Supervisory Boards, consisting of “Soros’s children”, ex-pats and Biden’s henchmen. They are still paid millions in salaries and bonuses with the Ukrainians’ money.

Once again, clearly pronounce the words: “crime”, “corruption” and “guilty”. For this, you can get your time reduced a little. I advise you this, as a person who protects the homeland from the people who sell it. People like you.

And the next time you try again to fantasize about the government security agencies, don’t be too lazy to open a history textbook and read that, for example, the place of study of Harvard graduate General Isoroku Yamamoto, who opposed against the war between Japan and the USA, did not preclude him from arranging a special operation in Pearl Harbor at the right time for his homeland. The same way, the fact of studying at the cavalry school in Saint Petersburg did not get in the way of Carl Gustaf Mannerheim, the General of the Russian Empire, to build the Mannerheim Line and defend his homeland Finland.

In the stories broadcasted by your biased television companies, you mentioned my father, the army general of Ukraine. I am proud of my father, who went from being a junior lieutenant to an army general. Wherever he worked, he was a builder and statesman.

It is significant that you submitted documents to the military school in Odesa and the prestigious soviet Institute of International Relations. In the end, you chose the prestigious Institute of International Relations. Then, there was a successful marriage, study and illegal petty trading under the wing of a relative – Deputy Minister of Health.

Your father was convicted in the 80s for plundering socialist property.

Unfortunately, despite the promise of a sentence from a new government, you have not been imprisoned yet. All your actions at government positions were accompanied by corruption scandals. The road to political life was opened to you by the Social Democratic Party of Ukraine (united) led by Viktor Medvedchuk. You stood at the origins of the Party of Regions along with Mykola Azarov. You became the Minister of Economy of Ukraine at the personal invitation of President Yanukovych. The start and blessing to your presidency in 2014 was given by Dmytro Firtash, the head of RosUkrEnergo in Vienna.

My family’s motto is “There is such a profession – to protect the homeland!” You, Petro Oleksiyovych, with your relatives and godfathers, have chosen to trade your homeland!

And if Ukrainian law enforcement officers have more important things to do, then the American justice system will find time for people like you.

And there is good news about this. Regarding the orange color that you love so much. As you know, orange is the color of prison uniform worn by detainees in America. So, spend the rest of the billion that was stolen from American taxpayers not to escape to the Spanish Marbella, where one Petro incognito buys real estate and sells paintings. Spend this money on a beautiful wrinkle-resistant orange uniform.

Cause you’re always so wrinkled. Have yourself a wrinkle-free orange outfit.

It will look good on you.