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Potholes and cracks

District deputies are asking the government to complete the repair of the road to CP ‘Katerynivka’.
  • 27.02.2020
  • newspaper "Nedelya"

District deputies are asking the government to complete the repair of the road to CP ‘Katerynivka’.

At the session, which was held on February 19, deputies of the Hlukhiv district council signed an appeal to the Prime Minister of Ukraine, to the chairman of the State Agency for Roads, to the head of the highway service in Sumy Region. They ask to include in the register of financing for 2020 funds for the repair of an interstate highway R-65 on the section Hlukhiv – CP ‘Katerynivka’.

So that the authorities of the highest ranks could assess the depth of the problems (and the holes!) of the indicated section of the road, the representatives of the district laid out all the details.

«… On the section of the road Hlukhiv – CP ‘Katerynivka’, a deep rut and potholes arose. Most of the coverage is strewn with grids of cracks, as a result of the destruction of which new holes appear, which creates an emergency situation, inconvenience for carriers of goods of subjects of foreign economic activity and people crossing the state border. This negatively affects the image of our state,”the statement says.

The deputies noted that further exploitation of the road without proper repair can lead to its complete destruction.

Let’s recall, that the representatives of the regional authorities have raised the road issue many times before the government. The shift occurred in 2018, when, with the support of People’s Deputy Andrii Derkach, 3.8 km of the road were repaired for 40 million UAH. We managed to do this for the so-called “customs money” that came from overfulfilling customs payments throughout Ukraine. However, it was not possible to fully reach CP ‘Katerynivka’; money was no longer allocated.