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Price VS quality

  • 14.12.2016
  • newspaper "Неделя"

In Druzhba of Yampolskyi district a scandal has broken out: 800 thousand hryvnias have been invested in the capital repairs of the roof of the local RMC, but water has been running and continues to run.

Who is to blame? What to do? With these questions, the school principal conducts a tour of the school for journalists. Lydia Sitenko shows wet walls, fresh stains from the rain on the ceiling. Some classes look like the laboratory for the study of fungus: everything is green and black. According to the principal, joy knew no bounds when in summer they learned that 1.2 million hryvnias would be allocated from the state budget for the capital repairs of the roof, thanks to the MP Andrey Derkach.

“The school was built in 1974, and no repair works were performed since then. It reached the point when there were 80 of buckets, cans, basins standing in the school, where the water was dripping. We used all means of getting in touch with different agencies! Our children have the right to study in decent conditions like the schoolchildren in the city. In Kiev, you will never find such a terrible school.

It is embarrassing, but I must admit that most of the repairs in the most of school of our district have not been performed for more than thirty years, because the state does not allocate any funds”, said the school principal. Moreover, she added that it was necessary to equip schools with modern technology since “we had only one map and one globe”.

The issue of repair works is a priority. However, the joy did not last long: it was found out that the walls in Druzhbovskyi educational complex: secondary school-pre-school remain wet even after millions-cost repairs. This is especially noticeable in areas, where the internal drain pipes are installed, which have been in emergency condition for a long time.

Colleagues-journalists of Yampolskyi newspaper “Time Voice” reported that the verification of repair works was carried out in autumn and discovered other significant deficiencies that had no time yet to show themselves. In particular, it turned out that approximately half area of the roof was put only one layer of roofing material, even though the project envisaged two. Of course, this is a flagrant violation.

“The replacement of internal drains was not provided by the roof reconstruction project”, commented the Head of the Department of Education, Youth and Sports of Yampolskyi District State Administration Oleg Protsenko. Reconstruction was performed under the project, which was made by LLC “Institute Shostkaproekt”, the estimated cost amounted to 1,248 million hryvnias. It passed the examination in the branch of the State Enterprise “Ukrgosstroyekspertiza” in Sumy region. Through PROZZORO system sole proprietor “Savchenko Sergey” from Sumy was chosen between two bidders, the entrepreneur suggested the cost of works – 825 thousand hryvnias.

It was impossible to carry out a full scope of work for these funds, so he put only one layer of roofing material and … announced about the completion of reconstruction.

It is unknown what the entrepreneur hoped for, but the school administration did not keep silent. Initially, they tried to solve the conflict at the local level, and then the “heavy artillery joined” in the face of the MP Andrey Derkach, who last week together with other MPs of the regional council Konstantin Tovstukha and Oleg Boyarintsev arrived in Druzhba.

“The quality of performed works does not suit us”, said the MP during a meeting with the teaching staff of the school. “We had a meeting, got in touch with the contractor and set conditions: either he eliminates all the shortcomings at his own expense, or criminal proceedings will be launched against him. If required, the technical expertise to determine the damage I will pay at own expense”.

As it became known later, the contractor agreed to complete the reconstruction at his own expense.

Unfortunately, in our region it is not the first case of so-called failures of the public procurement system PROZZORO. Today, the only criterion for determining the winner of the tender is the price – the winner is the one who will make an offer with the lowest cost. It would seem that everything is correct.

However, as practice shows, tenders (especially for capital repairs and construction) win little-known companies from other regions that offer a minimum price or promise to carry out the work in a very short period of time. The quality is not discussed at all…

Nothing better than PROZZORO system has been proposed in the area of procurement for budgetary funds, but the system should be improved, since clever businessmen, for example, are ready at a low cost to supply all sorts of rubbish to schools and kindergartens instead of high-quality products. It is terrible that in this case the officials do not bear any responsibility referring procurement system’s work.