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Is it logical? The head of the regional ambulance receives 100,000 UAH bonuses, and in the Hlukhiv region they can completely close the substation due to a lack of funds.
  • 05.03.2020
  • newspaper "Nedelya"

Is it logical? The head of the regional ambulance receives 100,000 UAH bonuses, and in the Hlukhiv region they can completely close the substation due to a lack of funds.

Last week, deputies of the Sumy Regional Council decided to conduct inspections of the activities of the CNE (Communal Noncommercial Enterprise) “Sumy Regional Center for Emergency Medical Assistance and Disaster Diseases” and its head Anatoliy Alexandrenko.

– Last year, almost every month, he received about 30,000 UAH of wages and 100,000 UAH bonuses. And all this while emergency workers are sitting on the minimum wage and constantly complain about the lack of funds for maintaining the vehicles in good condition and the purchase of fuel, ”says Oleg Boyartsev, a deputy of the regional council. .

The organization of work of this communal enterprise raises many questions. So, from February in Znob-Novgorod UTC of the Seredina-Budsk district 12 days of each month from 8.00 to 10.00 ambulance drivers will not work. No one thought that the disease does not ask at what time it is better for it to appear, and does not adapt to the schedule. It may be that at this time someone could have a heart attack or delivery may begin. There are many options, but there is no solution…

« The leadership, which organizes the work of the emergency service in the region, while developing such a schedule, perhaps forgot that according to part 1 of article from the Law of Ukraine “On Emergency Medical Care”, every citizen of Ukraine and any other person have the right for free, affordable, timely and high-quality emergency medical care. The termination of the Permanent Base in Znob-Novgorodsk even for several hours a day can lead to an increase in mortality among residents»,- People’s deputy Andrii Derkach said in an appeal to the chairman of the Sumy Regional Council, demanding not to reduce work time for brigades under no circumstances.

They can not boast of golden mountains in the Hlukhiv emergency unit. They have to work with overload, because young specialists quickly quit working because of the meager salary. Due to staff shortages, the point in Banichi has already ceased to operate. Two paramedics remained in Shevchenkovo, but this is not enough, so the department does not work every day. In Shalygino, the staff is still staffed, but to a large extent at the cost of employees’ own funds: doctors from Hlukhiv get there with their own money. You may count: to get to the village for 20 kilometers, you need at least 50 UAH per shift. It is 400-450 UAH per month, which must be taken from the minimum wage. At the same time, doctors do not even complain that the bus goes to Shalygin at 5.30 only on Wednesday and Friday. It is very early, but on other days there are no any other buses.

We asked if the service was equipped with the equipment necessary for working in the conditions of the spread of coronavirus. After all, they are the first who should go to sick patients. As the senior doctor of the Shostka emergency medical station Anatoliy Klishevich commented, the costumes that are available are still far off in 1960! In fact, they have already been written off because they are rotten, but in fact there is no other protective clothing. Therefore, these museum exhibits also play the role of protective suits in various reports.

– Klishevich says –All that we have are ordinary pharmacy masks and two pairs of goggles. Although, on March 2, region asked us to make a list of protective clothing that we need. But yet still it is unknown when it will be provided. .

From April 1, the emergency medical service is waiting for changes: they will be financed by the NHSU upon the provision of services. But the tariffs are increasingly removed from real needs, one call to the NHSU was estimated at 116 UAH. If you count for a month, then their meager salary will still be reduced … Service workers are hinted that they should be financed by local authorities – city, district, community. Now it will depend on them whether an ambulance will exist at all.